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Jan 23, 2012 08:22 AM

Bocca di Lupo- a downhill slide?? [London]

We stopped in just before the holidays and, to our surprise, had a very mediocre meal. We were naturally disappointed as previous meals were very solidly executed. I have mentioned it to a few other folks and am hearing mixed reviews of recent visits. Anyone else been there in the last few months? It would be a real shame if it is on the decline!

Bocca di Lupo
12 Archer St, London, England W1D 7, GB

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  1. I've been there often pretty consistently over the past 18 months and can't agree with a slide in quality - there are occasional misfires or just some dishes that are better than others but I can't say I've noticed any change on a broader scale than that.

    Service on the other hand can be very variable but the food and buzz outweighs that for me thankfully!

    Don't give up on it!

    1. We're from New Jersey (but work and play in NYC) in the US and just spent 5 nights in London. Our last night, a Saturday, we had dinner at Boca di Lupo. While we both liked the meal, I have to admit we were taken aback by the snooty hostess, limit of 2 hours for the table and general aura of "scene" about the place. To be honest, I felt like we were in NYC. The previous post which states, "there are occasional misfires or just some dishes that are better than others" hits the nail on the head. Some dishes were very, very good while others were just OK.

      Our Wednesday night meal at Brawn on the other hand was probably the BEST of our trip...and we had just spent 8 nights previously in Bologna and Florence! I am still thinking and talking about that meal. If we had 7 different dishes I can't tell you which was the best; each was wonderful and had its own merits. Brawn has everything a great restaurant should have: excellent food, knowledgeable servers and a comfortable and inviting environment.

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        Yeah, service can be a funny one at BdL - I've had some slightly brusque experiences of being chucked out after two hours but just as many lovely experiences of friendly and helpful staff. Overall for me though the food does outweigh that - the menu is always interesting and changes enough to make repeat visits possible. The pumpkin/amaretti pasta there still ranks as the best pasta dish I've had in the UK.

        Brawn is definitely on my list to visit but it always just seems slightly to far east for me! I'm interested to hear what you ordered/recommend though and hopefully that will motivate a visit!

        1. re: mjgauer

          "I'm interested to hear what you ordered/recommend though and hopefully that will motivate a visit!"

          To be honest, I can't remember everything we had. I've looked at the menu the restaurant has online, but I don't see half of what we had. The selection of charcuterie we had that night was outstanding, especially the pork rillette. The mussels mariniere were the sweetest and most plump I have ever had. Absolutely delicious. For dessert I had caramel crepes and my partner had a rhubarb compote sort of thing. Both very nice. I know we had at least 4 other dishes but can't for the life of me remember what they were. I am horrible at writing these things down and against snapping pics of food. Sorry.

          1. re: ttoommyy

            It is great to get the other views, I won't give up! And thanks for the Brawn recommendation!

            1. re: ttoommyy

              Finally made it to Brawn last weekend - very impressed.

              Nice casual but buzzy atmosphere - excellent terrine/brawn starters followed by some pretty heavy weight mains including an incredibly rich boudin noir and a giant bacon and snail vol au vent.

              Good selection of cheese from Androuet and strong desserts.

              Only sour night was the serving of fionnochiona - £9 for six thin slices seemed to be pretty awful value and not in keeping with the rest of the price/serving sizes of the menu.

              If only it was a little closer to home I'd be back there every week.

              1. re: mjgauer

                So glad you liked it mjgauer.

                "If only it was a little closer to home I'd be back there every week."

                I would be too...but I live in the NYC metro area in the States! I wish there was a place in NYC that compared, but I honestly don't know of one.

                1. re: ttoommyy

                  Haha, yes I really shouldn't complain about a 40 minute journey.

                  I'm off to NYC this June so scouring the Manhattan boards for some good spots - can't wait!

                  1. re: mjgauer

                    Good for you, mjgauer. Have you been before?

                    There is a lot of great info on the NY boards, you just have to weed through the "colorful personalities" to get to the useful stuff! :)