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Jan 23, 2012 07:23 AM

Where can I get ground veal near Champlin?

I don't think Cub or Von Hanson's has it.

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  1. I have never tried it, but the Cub in St' Louis Park has it so your local Cub might have it. I disclaim any endorsement of the Veal Cub sells. Just answering a question posted.

    1. Is there a Lunds or Byerleys near you? The Byerleys in Chanhassen carries it so the meat counter of one of the stores should be able to get it for you even if they don't regularly stock it.

      Did you ask at Von Hanson's? They might have it frozen.

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      1. re: suburban_mom

        Yes, Von Hanson's did have it in their freezer section. It is a bit spendy at $9.99 a pound but hopefully the meatballs turn out well...

        I appreciate all the recommendations!!

      2. I'm pretty sure I saw some at Osseo Meat Market last week.

        1. Maybe you can look at these two places since these two butcher shops arent terribly far from Champlin.

          - Brothers Meat and Seafood in Maple Grove (

          - Hackenmueller Meats in Robbinsdale (

          If you are willing to drive a bit further south, then go to Clancey's Meat and Fish in Linden Hills (

          1. Ditto on Brother's Meat Market in the Grove. Very nice guys.