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Jan 23, 2012 06:43 AM

Pondering new Saute Pan

Although the original owner doesn't seem to mind, the old large saute pan has domed on the bottom and is useless in my opinion, all the oil and butter runs to the outside edge. So I'm in the market for a new pan and frankly the more I read and the more I look at pans, the more difficult the decision becomes.

From the start, rule out any pan made in China or the pacific rim, not interested, so it's either EU or US made, all others need not apply. I tend to cook Italian, but not so much red sauce and pasta, but things that get browned and then sauted with onions, garlic, fungi, etc. I do some in a Staub braiser, but my 9" isn't big enough for many of the things I cook and although I could get an 11" model, I think a saute pan would be more usefull. I read on Cooks Illistrated that pans 11" and greater don't fit burners very well and tended to not produce even heating in their tests. They did pick a winner, but I'm not a member so I don't know what won their test. They also ruled out non-stick for obvious reasons. So, what do you guys think?

I have looked at AC, I'm a top grip, so I don't find the handle very comfortable, not a deal killer, but an issue. I looked at a Demeyere Atlantis and it weighs a ton, which is good, but the sides were very high and it was very heavy, again not a deal breaker, but an issue. I have looked at copper, not high on the list of the original owner of the current pan, and again, it's really heavy, I know it's a good thing, but. I looked at Scanpan CTX clad, jsut don't know if the heat transfer is very good, I have a non-stick scanpan for eggs but that's different construction.

Your thoughts are appreciated.

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  1. I love my 6 qt. AC SS saute pan. I got it for an amazing price at:

    The handles are certainly not super comfortable, but I really don't mind. The pan is awesome.

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    1. re: Becca Porter

      I'd 2nd the recommendation for an AC 6 qt. I really love this pan! I'd recommend the D5 though since the handles are much more comfortable in my opinion. I really wanted a big pan and this really suits me well.

    2. I've never used anything by Regal Ware American Kitchen, but they are made in the USA, and their 10" saute pan costs $100. The handle looks solid on top, so you wouldn't have the All-Clad V-shaped handle digging into your hand. But again, I've never even seen this brand, so I can't say anything about it from experience.

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      1. re: Jay F

        I sell both Regalware and A-C. Except for the finish, brushed stainless on RW as opposed to polished on A-C there and handles is no difference in between them. Same tri-ply construction. If I were in the market I'd buy Chantal Copper Fusion. The heat conductivity is much faster and extremely even. If you ever contemplate going to induction you'd be amazed at the efficiency and speed. There is a total of $4 difference in price. Chantal is gorgeous too. I have red and love it.

      2. What size do you want (depth as well as diameter)? Nonstick or SS cooking surface?

        I like my 3qt All-Clad sauté, but sometimes wish I had the 4qt, which is the same diameter, but deeper. I don't find the handle a problem, because of the helper handle. I only pick it up with one hand when empty.

        Cutlery and More has a lot of A-C on clearance, including something called a "low casserole" with two loop handles instead of the long handle and loop.

          1. 10" fry pans are more useful for sauteing, most restaurants use them as it heats fast and even and yields the right portion size. We've been using these for years-for just about everything, including Thomas Keller's Bouchon pan roasted chicken recipe- and haven't found anything that works better:
            Be advised, it's best to hand wash these as running them in the dishwasher will cause the outer aluminum to discolor.
            The Kool sleeves make them very comfortable to use, much better pans and handles than the AC in our opinion.
            If you want ss inside and out, and a more old-school saute pan shape, these Sitrams are top notch:

            You can chuck these in the dishwasher, no muss-no fuss. The thick aluminum in the bottom works great.
            Both of these pans are pretty light, easy to move and shake.