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Jan 23, 2012 06:40 AM

Black & White Cake Ideas, Please

My daughter loves black and white cookies and, although I've successfully made a giant black and white cookie (pizza sized) for an adult cousin's birthday, I'd prefer to make a cake for a child's birthday.

I was thinking I'd make lemon-flavored layers and somehow or other coat the cake with chocolate and vanilla fondant to resemble a black and white. My questions are:

1) What flavor filling should I use between the layers?

2) Does anyone have a good recipe for the chocolate fondant? I've never made one that I've been entirely happy with. I've used the recipe from Molly O'Neil's "New York Cookbook" and liked the white coating well enough, but not the chocolate.

Any other thoughts are welcome, too.

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  1. i'm not a big fan of lemon with chocolate, so perhaps just plain yellow cake (smitten kitchen has a great one) or plain vanilla cake for that.

    in between the layers, a light fluffy chocolate mousse, maybe even a smidge of a spread of raspberry jam under the mousse.

    as someone who has worked about a billion weddings i have never tasted fondant that was worth eating. i know it's becoming popular, but it's truly for looks, not flavor. just make a classic buttercream. black and white cookies don't have silky smooth frosting anyway.

    1. maybe you can make the lemon cake and frost it with white frosting then put mini half white half black cookies all over the top of the cake? Cookies on cake, killer idea ;)

      1. NOt what you asked for, but as soon as I saw your title I thought of this cake www.