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Jan 23, 2012 06:31 AM

Superbowl 46

Fell asleep thinking about what I'm going to make for this year's festivities - anyone have any new and interesting ideas for 2012?

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  1. quesadillas on new Breville grill not new but yummy!

    1. There was a recipe in the new bon appetit for a broccoli rabe hero that looked good. I'm going to *try* to be a little healthy this year-

      1. Chicken parm subs are always a fav for me. I use pizza sauce instead of marinara and tons of provolone.
        Interesting wings always work. Chipotle honey wings are a new craving.
        If you want to branch out a bit something middle eastern would work like a selection of hummus, baba ganoush, various pickled veggies and some pitas for dipping.
        Or if you're really adventurous you could try doing home made poutine for the gang. Just make sure to double fry your chips and to get real cheese curds (
        )Any meat on a stick is always great in my book, saytay, kabobs, prawns etc.


        1. Buffalo Drumsticks ( ), wings are so Super Bowl XXI.

          I've got a whole ham being delivered from a smokehouse this week too, but haven't thought of what to add for the rest of it.

          1. I'm planning macaroni and cheese mini muffins, buffalo chicken meatballs (which already seem to be the quinessential 2012 appetizer; they're everywhere) and as of today, perhaps the bacon cheese burger dip on Closet Cooking. I don't usually love his stuff, but that seems pretty appropriate for the Super Bowl.

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              Katecm, can you put a link or a paraphrase of the recipe for buffalo chicken meatballs? That sounds great!

              I am famous for my hot wings, but it would be fun to do a twist on them this year...

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                    I coat with buffalo wing sauce before serving for extra zing.

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                  Super Sunday is definetly my favorite day of the year to cook. Mac & cheese mini muffins sound interesting. Tell me about those

                  1. re: ctfoodguy

                    Make your favorite baked mac and cheese recipe (I won't start THAT fight now) but use orzo or ditalini or something else small. I use mini muffins and rub a bit of butter inside each tin. I like extra crunch so then I throw some panko in each hole and shake it around to stick in the butter. Then pour a hefty spoonful of the mac and cheese into each one and bake. Hopefully - works for me - it comes right out and you end up with crispy, finger-friendly mac and cheese. It's good bc most super bowl food is meat so it's good to have something vegetarian if not anything near healthy.

                    1. re: katecm

                      I do a rift on what you're doing.

                      with the party we're going to, it's always a think as I go as far as the things I choose to take/make.

                      right now in my bread machine, I'm choosing the easy way of getting my pizza dough together. got this particular recipe off the Chicago Pizza crust thread, anyway, I chose the one with the 4 oz butter and it supposedly makes a flakey crust. in the morning, I'll use a biscuit cutter and do small rounds of dough and place them in muffin tins. the cheese sauce I made 2 nights ago as hubby requested mac and cheese for dinner. I make the sauce then do the noodles and only add as much sauce as I need for that batch... freeze the rest. tomorrow I'll boil small elbow mac/add sauce & fill each muffin tin pizza dough & top with a little dill weed from the yard & a tiny round of Ortega chili then bake. Those will go to party with the already made brownies from the brownie thread.