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Jan 23, 2012 05:06 AM

Harris Teeter Organic Moroccan Lentil/Chickpea Soup

I've acquired a minor addiction to this stuff, but it is ridiculously expensive for what you get. Does anyone have a line on a similar recipe that I could make at home?

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  1. The one in the refrigerator section near the deli? That soup is amazing. Publics used to carry it as well as Harris Teeters and they stopped carrying all but a few products in that line. At one point I looked up several online recipes that looked promising and even ordered some of the seasoning from Penzeys. That just might have to be my project for the week.

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      We are so going to be in trouble--this discussion probably should be in the recipe section. But, what seasoning did you order fro Penzeys? Does the Harris Teeter soup have chicken in it?

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        Yes, that's it- there's a selection of store branded microwaveables which are generally pretty good.

      2. Naco, post the ingredients. The post will probably get moved. But if you tell me I might be able to help.

        1. I found this recipe that might be a good starting point.

          I have been expanding my spice rack. Ordered saffron threads, cardamom seeds, ras el hanout and harrisa, not all from Penzeys.

          Will try to hunt this thread down once it is moved ;-}

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            Moved before I could respond. Lovely.

            I will have to have a look at the ingredients, although typically these are unhelpful, not listing specific spices, etc. There isn't any chicken, IIRC- I believe it's vegetarian. My thinking was that the recipe wasn't created from whole cloth, but rather renamed for marketing purposes, in the way that I'd expect that she-crab soup would become Charleston Crab Soup or some such if you sold it far enough afield.

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              Here is another recipe-- I will have to try both recipes though I like the sound of the fennel in the first link. This soup sounds wonderful. My daughter is vegetarian and on a salt-restricted diet--this soup has enough spices to keep our dinner from being dull. Thanks Naco for bringing this topic up.

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                I looked at the 8 recipes linked in my previous post or earlier posts from others. Ingredients included in all the recipes are lentils, chickpeas, onions, butter or oil, and turmeric. Included in most (but not all) recipes are tomatoes, cilantro, parsley (fresh or dried), ground ginger, cinnamon. Included in about half are vegetable broth, pasta (different types), sugar, celery, fennel, garlic, bay leaf, saffron. Included in no more than one of recipes are carrots, green beans, cumin, hot pepper sauce, flour, lemon juice.

            2. Wegmans supermarket has one also, Moroccan Lentil with Chick Peas Soup, if you go to their website they have the recipe. Not sure if the flavor is the same as the one you love (this one uses a noticeable amt of cinnamon), but I love this one!