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Jan 23, 2012 03:29 AM

Where in southern CT can I find a KitchenAid mixer power cord?

Hoping to find one local instead of ordering online? Thanks. New Haven,Bridgeport, Waterbury area.

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  1. Are you planning on rewiring it yourself? If so, you could bring the old power cord to an electrical supply store or a Home Depot and find the necessary items to do it yourself.

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    1. re: rhoneranger

      Yes, I am going to do it myself. I watched on youtube and it's a very easy fix.

    2. All Parts Major Appliance Supply 369 Boston Post Road Orange, CT 06477 (203) 901-1295
      Electric Appliance Parts Co 125 S Leonard St Waterbury, CT 06708 (866) 747-6552
      AllStar Appliance 1215 Thomaston Ave Waterbury CT 06704 (203) 597-0363

      Obviously, call first and have the model number ready.

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