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Jan 22, 2012 11:06 PM

info re jewish/kosher shopping area or marche

I apologize for asking again but one of yu'all hounds posted a reference to an area of Paris where there is a concentration of Jewish/kosher markets - I have been unable to find it now that I am working on referencing the marches I want to visit - the google searches I have run have not been helpful to date - I should have done a better job of bookmarking but didn't - so, again, thanks for your help


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  1. Most should be located in the Marais, the jewish quarter. According to information i have, you can find shopping areas in Rue des Rosiers. I think that also in the 17 you will find kosher stores.

    And here:

    Very nice list of specific products and where to find them..

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      Rue Richer-rue Cadet, in the nineth, has a Kosher market with very good butchers.

    2. Try asking on the Kosher boards. They are full of great knowledge.

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        You should find what your looking for on Rue des Rosiers in the "Pletzl" Jewish quarter of the Le Marais neighborhood.

        Good luck!

      2. The Eastern part of the 11th has a strong Jewish concentration. There are a lot of Kosher shops on boulevard Voltaire from Place Leon Blum to Nation. There are a number of butchers and a pretty decent North African restaurant just off the Place Leon Blum; a good schwarma shop with great, home-made Laffa, on bd Voltaire between m° Voltaire and Charonne; and a kosher market, and several bakeries, further along bd Voltaire just past m° Rue des Boulets.

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          Merci beaucoup I'll definitely check out the 11eme

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            mdwardmalp, I have spent a very enlightening and hilarious hour reading your various posts and the energetic responses. I am planning my trip for June, and will be BREATHLESSLY waiting your report. Have a wonderful trip...I (and I'm sure many more lurking 'hounds) cannot WAIT to read about it!