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Jan 22, 2012 11:04 PM

Has anyone been for dinner at L'Effervescence?

I will be in Tokyo in April and plan to have dinner at L'Effervescence,Ryugin or Aroma Fresca
I have been to Aroma Fresca before and it was superb.The reviews on Ryugin are consistently excellent.Has anyone been to L'Effervescence?How does it compare to the other two ? I do realize that that the set at Ryugin costs significantly more

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Thanks Jem589.Was the long course as memorable as the Y4800 course?I notice that there are 2 choices for the Y4800 course.Is one a seasonal course?

      1. re: Hanare

        As it turns out, I was at L'Effervescence last week. First time under the new name and menu. We had a set course that I did not choose (the host chose), and it was overwhelmingly French. For what it's worth, I would call it 85% French food with 15% Japanese accents. So, the main was a really nice tenderloin of beef, cooked sous vide and with mushrooms. Great breads throughout the meal, all of the six courses were well prepared and very nice. Somewhat disappointing dessert course. Very nice setting -- amazingly similar to the old restaurant in that space, but remains a good option for a high end meal. Compared to Ryugin: Ryugin is a much more "Japanese" experience, and I found the cuisine much more inventive and the setting much more interesting (note that it has been a year since I have eaten at Ryugin). I've never been to Aroma Fresca, although I have been to their offshoot in Azabu Juban. So, the summary is that L'Effervescence was a very good French restaurant in a nice setting, and Ryugin is probably my favorite kaiseki style Japanese upper end restaurant, also in a nice setting. Not sure of the price difference -- I know Ryugin has been a big bill both times I have gone, but seemed worth it. I didn't pay last week at L'Effervescence. Hope this is helpful.

        1. re: VCB133

          Thanks for your comments which I found to be very helpful.I thoroughly enjoyed Aroma Fresca which I felt had just the right amount of Japanese influence.I intend to try the lunch at L'Effervescence ,which appears to be extremely reasonably priced.

          1. re: Hanare

            Robbie Swinnerton wrote two recent reviews of L'Effervescence, both in the Japan Times newspaper and on his blog.


            1. re: ruprecht25

              Yes I have read his reviews.He was definitely impressed!
              I will definitely make a visit for lunch when I am back in Tokyo in April