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Jan 22, 2012 09:10 PM

A first time visitor to Cleveland

Looking for suggestions for breakfast, lunch and dinner that are uniquely Cleveland. Maybe the type of place you'd see on Diners Drive Ins and dives. Any places come to mind?

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  1. Happy Dog for lunch or dinner. Lucky's Cafe was featured on DDD, they do a great breakfast/brunch. Tremont Tap House. Slyman's for corned beef. Eat at the stands in the West Side Market - Frank's bratwurst, Maha's for a falafel sandwich

    1. Hi Lanyboy -- Welcome to CLE! should get some great recommendations from the CLE chow board members. But give us some basic info; where will you be staying?, will you have transportation when here?, when are you arriving?, etcetera. It always makes it easier to pinpoint places and suggestions when the above information is known!...and I'm sure you'll receive many great ideas for your upcoming visit!

      I wont leave you totally hanging, though -- best corned beef in CLE...Slyman's and it would qualify in the Diners category...if dining in, be prepared for a frantic/manic experience!

      1. In my experience, the best corned beef in Cleveland is from the Vienna Meat store. It's a wholesale meat distributor, but they sell to the public and that includes their corned beef. You can buy it warm by the pound with a quarter loaf of bread and a bottle of mustard and have a perfect sandwich in the comfort of your car. It may be a branch of a Chicago company, but some of the guys have been working there forever. It feels like a part of Cleveland to me. It wouldn't spring to mind as a DDD type spot, but the subject was raised in some of the other responses.

        Lion on Lorain is a perfect DDD spot. I had a scallop po' boy special on my last visit and it was delicious. They could have served the sandwich with only the cauliflower condiment and it would have been an excellent vegetarian option. I also really like the soup special. On other visits, I had some delicious chili, a delicious creme brulee special, some good tacos. They cook from scratch, they have lots of interesting specials, and the food tastes good. They serve affordable comfort food in a casual atmosphere. That's what I look for when I'm thinking about good DDD spots.

        Assad's is just across the street and another good DDD candidate. It's a Lebanese market and I've never seen anyone eat at the two lonely tables they have in the window, but I've eaten there several times. The felafel has been my favorite, but the soudjouk (soujouk? sujouk?) is also delicious.

        Kabab G is another Lebanese spot in the same neighborhood. I've had several good meals there, but the best thing I've had there is the beef kababs. In fact, they're easily the best kababs I've had anywhere. They're cooked over charcoal.

        Istanbul Grill is a Turkish restaurant in a different neighborhood. They make their own doner (think gyro/shawarma) and it's delicious.

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          I can attest to the Vienna Meats comment. The line on St. Patrick's Day goes Dow about a block and a half. They all can't be wrong.

        2. SOKOLOWSKIs is the quintessential cle lunch if i had to pick one.

          let us know how you fared!

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            SOKOS 4 EVA.

            also, a lot of people like Hot Sauce William's (which certainly fits the DDD bill) but I thought it was crushingly OK.

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              I'd second Sokolowski's. They have better Polish food than anywhere in Detroit -- and Detroit claims to have some mighty good Polish food.

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                I haven't been to Cleveland in a while, but I have a note in my phone with the name and address of Sokolowski's for the next time I get there. I decided I must visit after I saw Michael Symon eating there on "Best Thing I Ever Ate." Good Lord, that food looked awesome.

              2. Brunch at the Parkview on Sunday. Weekday breakfast at Shay's on St. Clair. Sokolowski's for Friday night perch and pierogies. WSM for lunch and a beer at Great Lakes across the street. Weekday Happy Hour at Lolita - get the burger and get there at 5:01. Dive bar drinks - Hoople's, Hotz's, Chuck's. Lunch at Marie's (on St. Clair) for chicken and dumplings.