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Jan 22, 2012 08:17 PM

Lamb Dishes at Beijing Restaurant

Lately I've been obsessing over Beijing Restaurant in San Gabriel. I went a few times last year or so when it first opened, but I've been going back for the lamb dishes.

The dish known on the menu as "Fried with meat" may be my favorite current dish anywhere. It's a Chinese wheat bun with sesame seeds filled with chunks of fried lamb. The lamb is crisply fried on the outside and fall-apart tender inside. The best part is that the salty grease from the lamb soaks into the bun. It's like lamb carnitas. The dish called "pork with cooked pie" (the restaurant has some odd English menu names even by SGV standards) is similar but with a white bun and filled with pork and cilantro. I like the lamb better because of that great crispiness.

The second lamb dish I can't get enough of is "lamb pot" which is actually a lamb stir fry with a huge dose of cumin seeds.

There are a lot of dishes I like at this place, but these two are the ones I continually go back for.

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  1. sku, thanks for the write up. I stopped by last night, after a great meal at mei long village. I picked up a paper menu. I don't see "fried with meat" on the menu.
    I see the other dishes you reference, but the only thing i see that comes close to "fried with meat" is:
    meat pie
    fried meet ball
    fried beef
    was it one of these?
    or was it a special on a written on a wall somewhere?
    Eager to try it but wanna make sure i know what to point to on the menu.

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    1. re: nlk

      It was definitely on the regular as "Fried with Meat" along with a picture. I double checked. Can't say if it has a different name on the take out menu, though unlikely to be fried beef since it's lamb.

      1. re: sku

        cool. thanks for the clarification. I'll try it next time i head out that way.

        1. re: sku

          i went on saturday, and I am needing to go back again as soon as possible. that fried with meat--lamb sandwich is addictive. the fried pork dumplings were awesome and the green beans/string beans were charred and garlicky and gingery and...i gotta get back there,...and soon.
          thanks again for the recommendation.

      2. Have you read about my longstanding quest to track down Beijing mustard cabbage? I finally found it here. It's a special call-ahead order, but they do make it.

        Incidentally, "Flavor of Beijing" at the Diamond Plaza (along with every single other restaurant in the food court of the sad mall in the back) is closed.

        Mr Taster

        1. Made a long promised visit to the wilds of San Gabriel from Westwood to this wonderful unique place: fried with meat - a little dry but we went really late for lunch - past 3pm so thats probably why but the pork buns were over the top in deliciousness and the mushroom/bok choy salad was amazing. Also had lamb with cumin and took home an order of pork buns. The chef came out to explain the dishes because the front person had very limitied English. I love this place but my/our true fave is still Beijing Pies - that experience is a wonder.

          1. Having saved your report from The Digest of 25 January, I finally made it to Beijing Restauant.
            Naturally, I had the "Fried With Meat" The picture of it is on their menu. I also ordered MaPo Tofu.

            The tofu was decidedly blank, only a tiny bit of spice. The lamb on the sesame bun was dried out, its taste bearing no resemblence to lamb, it could have been dog meat. I know it wasn't horse meat, since I've eaten that many times, raw. The bun was flaky, but I ate only half of one and left the other, only eating the lamb, which needed a boost of something.

            Other things on the picture menu looked interesting, but with soooooo many SGV restos, I may never make it back.

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            1. re: toitoi

              for Chinese lamb dishes, a place that has never disappointed is China Islamic on Garvey in Rosemead, just west of Del Mar. Have not been in at least 2 years, so can only hope it is still open, but the food is quite good, yet maybe not exactly what everyone is looking for in this post.
              7727 Garvey, Rosemead.,626.288.4246,

              1. re: carter

                It's open, I saw it in passing on my way to Wing Hop Fung for my 30-day supply of Royal Jelly.

                Perhaps,I'll give it a try next week, but I'll check out comments here, and elsewhere.