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Jan 22, 2012 08:12 PM

Bakery in Van - who is doing it RIGHT?

We're two Canadian former expats with business backgrounds who just bought an old fashioned bakery in our new adopted home in small town Alberta.

We're all about benchmarking the best. We'd like to transition away from 'bakery as dessert' to 'bakery as AWESOME foundation for good food" ie french bread banh mi subs, sourdoughs, lebanese lahma jin meat pies, montreal style wood fired bagels, nan and curry, etc. We spent our 20s and early 30s travelling (on breaks from teaching ESL in Korea) and eating and want to share.

In your opinion, who are the BEST bakeries in Van? We're in town for a wedding the weekend of Feb 25th, and staying downtown. Would love recommendations of places to compare.

Thanks food folks!

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  1. That's a pretty wide swath.

    Best lahmajun goes to Anatolia's Gate (their pide, lavash are also good.).

    Bagels - Mount Royal in North Van and Seigel's in Kits.

    Rustic breads - Rise Artisan, Transylvania (if he re-opens), Romanian Country Bread (which has a new name that escapes me - in Steveston).

    If you have time to go to Victoria , then visit Fol Epi - one of the best rustic bakeries a matter of fact - if this is a fact finding mission, then make sure to take the ferry over there to visit Fol Epi and Wildfire.

    Bahn Mi subs - Tung Hing and Ba Le (Kingsway).

    You didn't mention sangak - Afra Bakery in North Van (go all the way to the back to see their pebble oven).

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      If you're in town for a weekend and doing a wedding @ the same time you don't have time to visit any more than 3 or 4 places and certainly don't have time to visit Victoria.

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        Beyond Bread is indeed scheduled to re-open Feb-1 (ish).
        He's moving more toward education - his recent UBC Farm course is just the first - more opportunities to learn bread making from him are coming.

        To the OP: check out this recent thread too:

      2. If you go to Victoria, you should try La Collina European Bakery. It has awesome bread and brioche.The address is 1286 Mckenzie Ave, VICTORIA, BC V8P5P2 Phone: 250-477-1663
        In Vancouver, I like Cobb's Bread but it's a franchise. I used to go to Terra Breads but I found their crust a little too chewy for me.

        1. Awesomeness, guys. Keep 'em coming. We're only really going to have free time Sunday am and Monday am before our flight, will make a map. We're staying downtown and won't be able to make it out to Victoria, (or even very far afield) but find it great to reconnect to our roots in real food instead of the marshmallow stuff our customers can't seem to get enough of.