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Jan 22, 2012 05:46 PM

Top chef Texas in Canada

Hi all
I've been out of the country for a few months and was wondering if anyone could tell me how many episodes of top chef Texas have aired in Canada.

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  1. I've watched up to episode 11 online, but in more exciting news they apparently shot the final here in Vancouver last week! Contestants were spotted at the whole foods on cambie and Tom and Emeril reportedly had dinner at hawksworth's.

    1. I think we're four eps in here, showing them two at a time.

      1. I've just been watching on TV and there has been 4 episodes so far, with 2 more tomorrow. For some reason they've been showing 2 each week. Also there is some sort of online losers challenge and I guess they'll reintroduce an eliminated player at some point kind of like Survivor with their redemption island.

        Hope that helps.

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          Confirmed! Top Chef Texas finale filmed in Vancouver and Whistler!!! F- yeah!