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Jan 22, 2012 04:40 PM

Cheese production facility visits in France

I'm visiting France in May and want to visit a production facility/farm where the following cheeses are made:

St. Marcellin

If you have information about visiting any of the production facilities for these cheeses, please let me know. My web searches have been fruitless and, while I'm aware I can purchase very fresh cheeses at the local markets, I really want to see them being made.


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  1. Fromagerie Gaugry is perhaps the last maker of raw milk Epoisses. Here are the details of visiting.

    It is important to coordinate with them if you want to see production. We arrived as they were hosing down the facilities after the day's production although it was only 9am. . .

    1. have you looked at A great resource, and while no guarantee, might lead you to what you're looking for.

      1. Here is the account of a food writer's visit and tutorial at a goat farm/cheese maker.

        1. I'm doing some research on this right now, but I'm targeting Alain Hess in Beaune. I'm not sure if the production facility has tours (yet), but the store he has downtown sounds incredible.

          Six years ago, I stumbled upon Delice de Pommard while I was in the Loire Valley; it's an incredible cheese and I hope to see it production.