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Jan 22, 2012 03:56 PM

Non Hotel Dining for 6 in Downtown Toronto.

Looking for somewhere to send a party of 6 on a weeknight near the hotel le Germain... short cab rides for excellent chow are fine. Somewhere trendy and expensive account worthy preferred. Fun bars nearby for post dinner drinks are always welcome as well. (

I checked out the bar hopping thread for those in the slightly older demographic. That is a great resource. However I am not sure where anything is in Toronto.



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  1. Lee/Lee Lounge ( Susur Lee from Top Chef)
    Buca (fancy Italian in old warehouse)
    Beast (intimate bistro with lots of meat)
    Canoe (with a view)

    603 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V1M5, CA

    1. Well you are near the core so pretty much most of the downtown places will be a short ride.
      Some choices are Splendido, Jacobs Steak House (you can really spend here real fast), Volos.
      If your group is into Beer I would recommend Beer Bistro.

      1. Buca for Italian and Jacob's and Co for steak goodness. Both within walking distance.

        1. Canoe and Buca are great pics. Also, Nota Bene at Queen & University has amazing food, a classy and refined atomosphere, and a great wine list.

          For nearby drinks, the King St West neighborhood where Lee and Buca are located have lots of drink options... I would check out Lee lounge or the rooftop at the Thompson hotel for drinks.

          Have fun !

          1. I would definitely recommend Buca as other have done. Splendido is great but Harbord Room is close by and is maybe a little "trendier". I am likely in the minority here but I really find Canoe and Nota Bene to have a very corporate feel which takes away from the experience. I really like Beast also and I agree that it is more intimate than Buca or the Hardbord Room.

            Buca and Beast are near a bunch of bars but Hardbord Room effectively turns into a bar a little later in the evening.