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Jan 22, 2012 03:00 PM

Myrtle Beach Supermarkets that have kosher (frozen pizza?), name and number of kosher market

In Myrtle and going to Jerusalem rest tomorrow night. Need to know which supermarket to visit tonight to stock up. Which one if any has kosher frozen food and/or empire chicken and which location? Also, what's up with the dairy cafe? The number doesn't work. Also, what is the name and number of the kosher market? I have a number for one called Pinaty and that number doesn't work either. I was told, though, that there is still a kosher market somewhere. Will be calling Chabad tomorrow but hoping for some info tonight. Thanks for help.

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    1. When we were there a year+ ago, the meat restaurant had a small grocery section. I know they had lots of Israeli dry goods, some great cheese, and probably other things in the fridge section. I think it likely they had meat, but I don't remember exactly what. The separate kosher market was no longer there. Chabad will have the info, since it's all run by them.

      1. I know that this is off topic, but you now have a Kosher Moroccan Restaurant in Myrtle Beach. Not sure of the details, only that he used to run a similar place in Wilmington, NC till road construction helped put him out of business.

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          I posted because Chabad wasn't answering in the evening and I didn't want to bother the rabbi at home. I will post a detailed report soon, but we did go to the Morocan place today. It's very good. Down the block from the grocery store called Little Israel--lots of israeli stuff and meats/poultry. We will try Jerusalem, the Israeli meat place tomorrow. The dairy cafe is closed right now, but will reopen possibly by the end of the week. Stopped by the Bi-Lo supermarket and saw they have a nice supply of Empire chicken/turkey plus pizza bagels, Mon cuisine kosher dinners and stuff. Myrtle Beach is a great destination for Northerners like us. I'm glad we found it. More in an upcoming post.

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            WOW! Was Little Israel a shop separate from the meat restaurant??? That's a change from when we were there. :)