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Jan 22, 2012 02:42 PM

Where to buy King Oyster Mushrooms?

Had these for the first time while eating out last week. Totally delish!

Where can I buy them? Some quick online research shows there are many types of oyster mushrooms. Are they interchangeable in terms of taste and texture?

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  1. Many Asian markets have them. I have bought them from United Noodle and Dragon Star.

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    1. re: Quince

      We had the 'regular' oyster shrooms, just okay, not worth the higher cost than the cheaper shrooms in the grocery.

      Will check UN, not familiar with DS, but maybe will check them out someday. The preparation might have been a key factor, as well.

    2. Oysters in general aren't terribly exciting. I've seen these plenty at Whole Foods. They were not the Forest Mushrooms package if memory serves. These are also easy to grow on your own.

      Oddly, I like mushrooms and forage wild ones, and I've never tried these.

      1. I have seen and bought them at Dragon Star. I'm pretty sure other Asian supermarkets should have them too.

        From my experiences, the king oyster mushroom (or we call it eryngii) has bigger stem with small cap, so you basically eat the stem part, while for the oyster mushroom has bigger cap and most of the time with short and small stem or no stem at all.

        Eryngii has pretty meaty texture, so I really like to grill or just pan grill it (but it's good whichever way you want to cook .. stir-fried, soup, etc.). The oyster mushroom has softer texture, so I think it's pretty good to make soup. I'm Thai, so I like to use the oyster mushroom to make Tom Yum soup. It's pretty good to make stir-fried mixed veggies with the oyster mushroom too.

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        1. re: moomon

          I've always seen Tom Yum made with straw shrooms; do you not like them as much?

          1. re: Enso

            If they were canned straw mushroom, then id prefer fresh oyster mushroom, otherwise, fresh straw mushroom, for me, definitely tastes better in tom yum soup.

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