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Jan 22, 2012 02:30 PM

Arlington -- Retro Ray's???

The Ray's the Steaks website say that Retro Ray's is now open adjacent to Ray's the Steaks in Arlington -- first come, first served. Anyone know anything about it? Is this the wine bar/price fixe restaurant that was rumored to be in the works?

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  1. Yes, it opened Thursday evening. Right next to Ray's the Steaks - sign on the awning says "Bistro Entrance." For now.

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    1. I went there Friday night. It's definitely legit. First come, first server. Its the old menu with the old menu prices from when Rays was in Rosslyn.

      1. Went there last night with hubby. Same delicious food from the same Ray's kitchen but prices are several dollars less. The selection is a bit skimpier but there are plenty of choices (including our regular choices!). It's a great way to eat a great meal for a very reasonable price.