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Jan 22, 2012 02:29 PM

Palm Springs Sunday Brunch ?

Celebrating my birthday in Palm Springs April 1.

Looking for a sunday brunch.

Would love if there was Gospel or Blues involved.

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  1. cheeky's has a fantastic breakfast/brunch - it's our favorite in palm springs. i've also seen norma's get fantastic reviews.

    king's highway at the ace hotel does a solid job.

    none of these options have live music.

    1. April Fool's fave day of the year to play pranks on friends..happy day for you!

      My favorite place for lunch/dinner and brunch is Le Vallauris..
      Norma's at the Parker is a lot of fun..Sherman's for a good Jewish deli and Las Consuelas in Rancho Mirage..

      I go to AME churches around the US which are fantastic for Gospel..the music alone is fantastic and it really doesn't get any better than starting your day this way..imho.

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        All of these answers are good...haven't done the church though. Spencer's for brunch is also a great choice--and on a nice day, one can sit in the enclosed patio. Great food. I live in Palm Springs

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          The chilaquiles at the ACE are tasty!