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Jan 22, 2012 02:23 PM

Restaurant ideas for March visit to NOLA- NEED HELP-TOO MANY GREAT PLACES TO EAT!!!!!

My husband and I are going to NOLA in about 6 weeks for 4 nights. . I have been reading the threads and have gotten some great ideas. We have way too many places on our list. We want to sample classic food and also the newer type of NOLA food, cajun and Creole, expensive and cheap authentic places. We want to eat in the FQ but also get out to other areas. We don't have a car. Here is my list. I would appreciate your suggestions:


Lunch - Galatoire or Mr. B's (have to try the barbarque shrimp Kukubura raves about) Any suggstions on what to eat at Galatoire?

Dinner - Green Goddess

Kermit Vaughn afterwards


Lunch - Commander's Place ( I have made the reservation for the garden room)

Walk around the cemetery and also walk around the neighborhood after lunch.

Dinner - Cafe Atchafalya or Mr. B's if we haven't eaten there yet.


1) Lunch - we would like to go to the Farmer's market in the morning and then go to the WWII museum - any suggestions on where to eat???? would Casamentos be too far? I was thinking maybe we could take the Charles Street Street car to Casamentos.

2) Dinner - Bayona- Can anyone tell me about how they liked this restaurant? There isn't much on the boards about it but someone brought me Susan Spicer's cookbook.


1) Brunch- Lil Dizzy

2)Dinner - Dante's kitchen


1) Breakfast -Elizabeth's

2) Lunch - Mila ($20 special)

And then Coquette, Upperline, KPaul's Kitchen, Herbsaint, Drago's, Liuzza's by the Track, Willie Mae's Scotch House, August, Luke's Happy hour, Acme Oyster, Irene's or Tommys all sound good. And we have to to go Cafe Du Monde too. Plus all those great ideas on what bars to stop in at? Sounds like we need at least a week.

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  1. I forgot to mention that if you think another restaurant would be better than the ones I selected, please let me know. I need help with this!!!!!!

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      just saw tha Kermit Ruffin has moved his show at Vaughs on Thursday to 7 -10 p.m. Can we eat at Mr. B's Bistro in the bar for dinner after the show? Or would it be too crowded> Should we go at 5:30 pm?

      1. re: suzieq4

        Eat a normal dinner and go to Vaughn’s afterward. I don’t think he ends at 10. I think it’s later than that. Get there by 8, that’s when it starts filling up.
        There are many good restaurants near the WWII Museum. Two of my favorites are American Sector and Cochon Butcher. Both would serve you well for lunch.

        1. re: shanefink

          " Ruffins will begin his vaunted weekly gig at Vaughn's in the Bywater at 7 p.m."
          In a Novembr interview, he stated he was changing his late night schedules and would be home by Midnight.

    2. Don't miss the Tom Hank's movie when you're at the WWII Museum. Make reservations when your list is finalized. If you're going on a weekend, make those reservations early, don't wait until a day or two ahead. I always have a long itinerary and my timing is usually very good. Galatoire's downstairs is a 3 hour ordeal so allow plenty of time for that. Everything else seems to move pretty normal as far as meals go.

      We really liked Atchafalya Cafe when we ate there last month for the first time. I regret missing Casamento's but something had to go otherwise I would have exploded. I wish I would have let something else go. I always forget that they'll be closed when we make our summer trip there and I won't get to have them until the Christmas trip. I may bump the summer trip up so I can get some wonderful oysters before they close for the summer.

      I only get the frozen coffee at Cafe Du Monde. It's very good.

      1. As per another, somewhat similar thread, one can never "do it all."

        The best course of action would be to pick restaurants, that suit one's needs and tastes, and just relax. In a great food city, like NOLA, there are just too many restaurants. Choose the ones, that suit you now, and then earmark the others for the next few trips. One can over think this, and not enjoy, as much, as they should.

        Ten of us could read the requirements of your trip, and come up with 10 favorites, that we feel are "must-dos," and there would be some overlap, but in the end, one should have 4 restaurants, that would be on most lists. As for the others, that would get to be personal, and might, or might not, work for you.

        After one gets past the first level, then it comes down to who did what for each of us - good, or bad.

        In very general terms, one cannot go too far off script. I have personal biases, and against some "sacred cows" here, but then others have had great meals with those. Still, the main core will be about the same, with regard to "must dos."

        Good luck, and most of all - enjoy!


        1. Note that Elizabeth's is closed on Mondays.

          1. You will fare better with August's lunch, 3 courses $20.12 than Mila. (honestly, it's not even close). Swap Herbsaint for Bayona. While I love Spicer's cookbook, I find most food at Bayona underwhelmingly bla. Perhaps Coquette for Sat. lunch. 3courses, $20. Take the streetcar to Washington Ave. Walk toward the river to Magqzine. It's on the corner of Mag/Wash. Should you choose Casamentos, get off at Napoleon, walk to Magazine. Casamentos will be 2doors in on your L. Stop in Miss Mae's (on the corner)for a good, cheap pre lunch Bloody Mary. Dessert? Cross Napoleon. Walk a few blocks up Magazine till you see the bright blue awning of La Boulangerie.

            Stop in Dragos for a "snack" of charbroiled oysters. Definitely not worth a meal. Same for Mr. B's. Sit at the bar and split an order of bbq shrimp. Liuzza's by the Track "aint all that", especially with so little time
            and so many better options. Luke's oysters tend to be small and service is slow. Order all your dozens at
            once. Their French 75 is very good.

            Do you love fried chicken? Go to Willie Mae's. Open 11-3. Get there when they open. Get the white beans on the side. Dooky Chase is in the arera, offering a lovely southern luncheon buffet $18. Several presidents dined here. Usually sprinkeld with NOLA's movers and shakers.

            I prefer Irene's over Tommy's. You will need a resv.