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Jan 22, 2012 01:38 PM

Loblaws weekly flyer

Do these still exist and if so how do you get them? I have looked in the store (Maple Leaf Gardens) and online with no luck. I often see great sales when I am in the store. Easy to get both No Frills and FreshCo. Also, they didn't have any President's Choice Insiders Report flyers.

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  1. we get our loblaws flyer delivered to our house (along with no frills, metro, canadian tire etc.) every tuesday. you can also get it at the entrance to the store - usually where u pick up your cart. the insiders report is seasonal - comes out in the spring, summer and holiday time. the blue menu insiders report should be out in about a month.

      1. The weekly flyers are on the website... just pick your store location and then click "My Flyer" to see the current week's flyer (the first view will list individual flyer products, but you can click "Page View" to browse the regular printed flyer pages.)

        1. I just had the same problem! Apparently if you go on line for flyers you have to pick an older store like the St Clair/Forest Hill location to get a flyer to pop up. If you choose Maple Leaf Gardens or the new one on Portland it just brings you to their fancy sites.
          At Christmas I went to the Gardens location, walked all around like an idiot and finally asked a cashier for a flyer. She told me they weren't doing flyers because it was their grand opening! That was a full 3 weeks after they opened! I haven't been back since... I don't have time to wander a behemoth store like that looking for deals. Even Portland & Queen have them now.
          LOL wow I guess that was bothering me more than I originally thought! What a rant ;)

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            Thanks for your post honeydij. I was feeling incredibly stupid about the online flyer as all I was getting were pics of the wall of cheese etc. Will try your rec. I was also told the same thing about the Christmas Insiders Report. I am in there 2-3 times a week so shall ask at Customer Service. This has become a quest !!

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              The deals are always in the same places in the store. The meat is on the ends of the long low four sided fridges. The produce is on the ends of the aisles.