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Jan 22, 2012 12:45 PM

Embarrassing question about Le creuset Dutch Oven:

A few days ago, I bought another Le Creuset pot. I placed it on the stove top and just forgot about it. This morning, in my haste, I grabbed the pot and made a pot roast. It is now braising in the oven when I realized I FORGOT TO WASH IT BEFORE USE! Do I need to throw out the pot roast? Do you think these pans come with a coating? Please advise.

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  1. It'll be fine. There wasn't any special coating on any of my LC cookware, esp one that could cause taste or adverse health issues.

    1. Almost definitely not. Washing is a precaution against some contamination during storage. Enjoy the roast!

        1. re: Jay F

          No Jay, I was serious! I said I was already embarrassed, so don't make fun of me!! No one knows everything, right? I distinctly remember buying some cookware once which said to wash off the protective coating before use. It was a genuine question. And I appreciate the replies from Yumma and Richard.

          1. re: hungryinmanhattan

            Blondelle is right. Don't mind Jay. I am old and very crabby today. I have been reading a book on food waste, AMERICAN WASTELAND, and I guess I couldn't imagine someone throwing out an entire pot roast. What CK says is true. There may be dust. But I wouldn't have thrown out the rust. In any case, I hope you will accept this curmudgeon's apology.

            I hope you enjoy your new Le Creuset. What color is it? (Mine are Indigo and Kiwi, plus a nice old au gratin in Flame.)

        2. Mostly like is fine. To be honest, you may ingest some dusts, but that's about it. This is actually true for any new cookware. There will be dust.

          If the idea of eat dust bother you, then you will have to toss it again. If not, enjoy your meal. You make the decision.

          1. The prolonged heat used during a braise would most likely kill anything on the pot. I'm sure it looked clean or you would have washed it before using. I wouldn't worry about it. People eat mushrooms without washing them and they grow directly in dirt. Don't mind Jay :-).