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Jan 22, 2012 12:04 PM

Ocean Seafood -- Serious Downhill Alert

Just returned from dim sum there this morning. For reasons beyond my control we could not do something in SGV.

Everything we had was lousy. Cold, greasy, not well seasoned. It's been a year or so since I last ate there and I can't believe the change.

It also got very crowded by the time we left at 11:30. Go figure.

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  1. Maybe they don't bring out the good (read: freshly made) stuff until the crowd picks up?

    1. Well that's disappointing. I always liked that place when we just don't feel like driving out to SGV. Empress Pavilion is too crowded with mediocre food and the others in Chinatown have C ratings.

      1. Wow, I just was there last weekend and it was it very good. It's my go-to place in Chinatown for dimsum. In fact I've probably been there 6 times in the last two months and it was really good every time.

        I can't explain what happened when you went but it obviously was a serious off-day!

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          I too have found Ocean Seafood to be one of the better in Chinatown for Dim Sum. I do not like Empress Pavilion.

          Ocean Seafood Restaurant
          747 N Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90012