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Jan 22, 2012 10:50 AM

Need a few more DC recommendations

We are going to be in DC for 3 nights (7 meals) and have 4 spots picked out. We need more!

Here's what we have so far:
Old Ebbit Grill
America Eats Tavern
Pearl Dive Oyster Palace
Ben's Chili Bowl

So, that's what we like. Any additional suggestions or comments on these would be much appreciated!

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  1. Tabard Inn on N street. We were their last night and it was crazy good. One of those menu's where you want everything on the list. We were really surprised, went thinking it would be good but found it to be Great.
    If you like fish try Black Salt, pricy but worth it.


    1. I would opt for Jaleo over America Eats for Jose Andres' places - if you are going for better food (if you want the novelty of the America Eats that's fine).

      A local favorite of mine that is consistently good is Matchbox.

      Rasika is also a good choice for Indian (dishes) that you won't find very many other places in the States. I tend to prefer Bombay Club (a sister restaurant) myself though. Little Serow is supposed to be very good Thai (they cook you what they feel like). Also Etete or Ethiopic are CH faves for Ethiopian - which the District does well. If you want some high end stuff, Komi and Rogue 24 are supposed to be very good.

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        I would also pass on the Ebbit Grill aside from the raw bar, happy hour and the history ofthe restaurant the food is not that inspiring. I would follow mdpilam recommendation on Rasika, Etete, Ethiopic and Little Serow instead

        1. re: agarnett100

          Thank you! Good to know. Looking at mdpilam's list now!

        2. re: mdpilam

          We are kind of going for the novelty, we are doing an Americana thing this year.
          But... I think we'll still check out Jaleo & your other recs. Thanks especially for tips on Ethiopian & the hard to find Indian dishes. I had no idea & am very intrigued by both.

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            If Americana is your theme you may want to add Old Ebbott Grill back. I actually love this place; it always feels very old downtown DC and I've never had a bad meal here. The real appeal is the oysters, but it's also one of my favorite burgers in town.

            I hear fabulous things about Pearl Dive and mean to check it out soon, but every person I've talked to who has been there starts their review, "well, we had to wait an hour for a table..." You've been warned.

        3. and unless you happen to be on U street (and preferably a bit tipsy) I'd leave Ben's off the list. cool place, I love it, but with limited time it's really not a destination sort of place. landmark? yes. must go? not really.

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            1. Breakfast at Old Ebbit is your best bet. It isn't packed with the tour guide crowd and you will actually get a chance to see what the mythological DC "power breakfast" looked like. Plus it is a pretty good breakfast.

              I'd call Kinkead's to see if they if they have belly clams and grab some at the bar with a couple of cocktails.

              I'm not sure that it fits your Americana theme, unless you want New Jersey Italian American - Americana, but Grafiato is a good time.

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                Thanks for the info. I can always rationalize eating Italian of any kind!