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Jan 22, 2012 09:56 AM

Silly question on dim Sum in HKGL : dinner dim sum?

Hi, I have a silly question.
We are in hong kong for a long stopover for 1 night and one full day.
I have looked around the forum for recommnedation and already booked Cuisine Cuisine at the IFC for lunch.
I am staying cheaper hotel in Wai chan (>?) area. (cosmopolitan hotel)
I was hoping to go to another restaurant for dim sum, like Fook Lam Moon ( i love har gao) but am guessing that Dim sum will be lunch only.
With only 1 lunch only in Honk kong, am i right to think I will only have one dim sum option?

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  1. For decent 'all day/night' dim sum , you have to go to the various Tim Ho Won branches. All top notch Cantonese restaurant serve dim sum for lunch only!
    My suggestion: Order dim sum plus other dishes at Cuisine Cuisine. If you want another 'after lunch' dim sum fix then head over to one of the Tim Ho Won .

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      Thanks! great recommendation, that is what we will do :)