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Jan 22, 2012 08:34 AM

Favorite Menudo Rojo? Healthy? Who Knew!

I'm surprised to not have found much on this site dealing with Menudo. I'm on the hunt for the red version. I can't seem to get enough unctuous villi - laden beef gut in a steamy red broth with a touch of citrus, oregano, and hominy. Turns out that tripe/stomach might be the healthiest fatty textured beef part out there; surprisingly it's a relatively low fat, low calorie carnivorous option. Servings are on the order of 250 calories. I've enjoyed it all over town, and need the feet. Where's the favorites?

I'm a huge fan of the versions at Los Pinos in Lakeway, Taqueria Zacatlan on Anderson Mill, and now my new favorite at Little Mexico on S. 1st.

Also, who has tried the back of the van / truck soups I see near 183 and Peyton Gin and elsewhere? They serving up menudo? I hate to be a wuss, but I need a bit of encouragement.

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  1. my fave menudo is Aranda's on Stassney.

    1. If you're in the vicinity of 183 and Peyton Gin, you might try Arandas on Burnet, too. I also happen to think that Amaya's turns out an ok version. I believe the "La Familia" grocery store near Research and Ohlen has menudo on weekends, but I have not tried it. What I have tried is good enough, though. Haven't heard anything one way or another about trailers.

      1. I really like the Menudo at El Tacorrido. ( I live near the one by Briarcliff and Berkman.) Also La Canaria (Yellow Food Trailer) at 51st and Airport also has very good Menudo.

        1. Hm, this has sparked my interest... the last menudo I had was at one of my favorite Mexican restaurants in town, El Borrego de Oro. It was horrible, or at least in my opinion. It's the only bad thing I've had there, but to put it lightly, it tasted literally like a cow's a**. It was almost enough to scare me away from the dish permanently.

          That said, I eat tripe on a regular basis at Tan My, and it's always delicious, so of course I wonder if I just happened to get a bad batch at El Borrego. If anybody can recommend a place that has some nice, clean tasting menudo, I'm all ears.

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            PopV check out Little Mexico on S. First. It's a very clean bowl of gut. Maybe not the most densely flavored I've had (I really like Los Pinos) but it's in town. Ask for the pig's feet and oregano or you won't get them. And another nice thing is they don't overload it with hominy. I checked out some recipes for making Menudo and apparently the A$$ taste cooks (and makes your house smell like sh%t) out over time during the simmer with proper ingredients (citrus, garlic, onion, etc.). Maybe El Borrego just isn't cooking it long enough or they love a touch of the funk in there. not me either.

          2. If you don't mind the drive there's a relatively new place that opened next to the truck stop in Jarrel that serves a really good bowl. It's my opinion but after having lived in San Diego for 12 years I know my way around a bowl of menudo pretty good.