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Jan 22, 2012 07:37 AM

Seafood or Cuban Near Westin Diplomat in Hollywood

Two adults from Philly staying at the Diplomat for 3 nights in March- will have rental car.

Looking for restaurant rec's for seafood and cuban (or anything else typically South Florida).

Thanks for any recommendations you can provide!

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  1. Hello. again,...just checking back to see if anyone can provide advice. Is my question too narrow? If there are no seafood/cuban recs to give in this area, please feel free to recommend any other worthwhile restaurants that would be drivable from the Diplomat.

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      For Seafood / Stone Crab try Billys

      With a quick search you could have found

      lpop, I recommend Lola's on Harrison for dinner.

      Fulvio's for upscale Italian

      Timo is great and a short cab ride

      Padrino's for Cuban

      El Goyo Pollo for awesome ceviche

      El Tamarindo for Salvadoran (churrasco, carne asada, rice/ beans etc


      Sage for great NY style bagels

      Le Tub for a great burger and beer

      Giorgio's bakery for breakfast and lunch

      Sugar Reef on broadwalk also for breakfast and lunch

      Opa for good Greek food in a fun environment

    2. Thank you Luv...but are these your recommendations? It seems like you just cut and pasted from the info posted by Chowfather back in 2008? Are these recommendations still current? It's 2012 now...

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        The post DID SAY
        " With a quick search you could have found "
        as no one else was responding
        Now that you have some names its up to you to look into whether they are still around and enjoyed
        Just trying to help
        Although I do agree with pilches Halandale/Hollywood is not a foodie meca

      2. Sadly, the Halandale/Hollywood area is not a great source for great restaurants, but there are some. Not so much seafood and/or cuban, but Timo is very good. Also Hiro Yako San is close by and also very good. Sugar Reef has good food and a wonderful atmosphere - right on the beach. A lot of people love Le Tub which is truly a joint on the Intracoastal for burgers. If you want to venture north to Ft. Lauderdale or south to Miami, you have much better choices. Do a search on the board for what looks good to you and then I'm sure the locals will be able to help you out more.

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        1. re: pilches

          I would also add Il Mercato in Hallandale. The food is delicious!

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            Thanks Pilches. May I add we are not looking for anything too formal/fancy (Timo's pics on their website showed a somewhat formal dining room with white tablecloths...not really the vibe I'm looking for).. The Sugar Reef looks like a possible with nice setting on the beach. How does it compare to Billy's Stone Crab?

            El Padrino came up in a yelp search for Cuban food and it is rated 4/5 stars. Have you eaten there and what is your opinion? They seem to have many good reviews in print as well.