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Anyone have a Vitamix? [moved from Not About Food]

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I'm interested in hearing from folks who own this appliance or its equivalent. It seems like a great alternative to a juicer (with many more uses-- soups, peanut butter, etc) but with a $400+ price tag, it's not a purchase I want to make hastily. Thoughts? Thanks!

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  1. Not at home, but at work. They are great blenders, you can really get a smooth puree, even of fairly thick things. Peanut butter might be pushing it.

    It is a very expensive blender, but if you use it a lot it's as valuable as a stand mixer or a food processor. Just helping you rationalize it :)

    1. I love mine, I use it every day for smoothies and at least once a week for soups. Its expensive, but it really is miles above most of the competition. (blendtech etc is comparable, but costs just as much)

      1. Well worth the cost, no question.

        1. I love mine. Have used it for 20 years, helps to dollar cost average

          1. Model 5200. Worth every penny. You can buy reconditioned from Vitamix as well as new.

              1. Love mine. One could make a smoothies out of bricks with it if so inclined. It is used daily for smoothies, soup, dressing, etc.
                One thing. It is a big kitchen appliance, almost 21 inches tall and relatively heavy. You really need a place to have it ready to go anytime. Not just a blender that one pulls out of the cabinets on occasion.
                Give it that spot and it will become part of the daily routine.
                Woo hoo! I am a chow hound lurker for many moons and finally made a post. I hope it was of use.

                1. +1 on all of the positive comments. I love my vita mix. I use it daily to make smoothies, green drinks, almond milk, amazingly smooth pureed soups with no dairy, etc. You just have to commit to using it regularly to offset the cost.

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                    I have seen them at Costco all the time for like $325-350. When they do the demos..
                    I have one but its the commercial model for drinks only. So can't compare..

                  2. I got mine as Costco last year. Spend the money and consider it an investment in your good health. You will easily make smooties and soups that are so good for you.
                    A few days ago, made a soup of roasted acorn squash, carrots, onions, unpeeled apples, peanut butter, curry powder, white pepper and a pinch of cinnamon. After it simmered, I transfered it into the Vitamix and got a creamy thick wonder of a soup.
                    And that's another point. So many soups and sauces can be made without adding extra fat. Salad dressings stay emulsified for like.. ever ;-)

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                      @monavano - Sounds delicious. I'll have to try that in mine.

                    2. @GSM - Definitely weigh your individual pros and cons. I recently took the plunge and have so far been very pleased with the results. Do you currently use a blender in your daily cooking/prepping?

                      1. Thank you everyone-- great replies and lots to consider (counter space being at a premium!).

                        1. I just got mine from Williams Sonoma this past holiday season. I love it. I make smoothies with it almost everyday and have been getting my fruits/veggies that way. I haven't really made anything else (just some cheese dip which was a bit salty). Yes, I heard they are cheaper at Costco, and come with the smaller 48oz jar, which is supposed to fit on the counter yet under kitchen cabinets. I do kind of wish I had the shorter Vitamix. Also, Bed Bath and Beyond has them, and you could probably use one of those 20% coupons to get it. I also heard that the recipe/information books that come with it are quite useful. The Williams Sonoma one came with a bunch of recipes, which I now realize I have been slacking on!

                          I heard Blendtec was good, but tend to be louder than Vitamix.