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Jan 22, 2012 07:35 AM

British/Irish food

Does anyone know where I can find a market or butcher that sells authentic Irish/British bacon and or sausages in the Philly area?

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  1. Martin's - the sausage place at Reading Terminal - has started selling British-style bangers as part of their repertoire. I'm not sure who might have the right sort of bacon, but I might ask the folks at Martin's if they have it, or know another vendor who does.

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    1. Try the English Gardener GIft Shop in Haddonfield. I know they have foods in a freezer/fridge case in the back of the store. Or maybe the British Chip Shop across the street will sell you some.

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      1. A Taste of Britain in Wayne carries some groceries. In their old location they used to carry refrigerated products. Don't know if they still do. Would call before going.

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          My thoughts exactly. T of B may be the place to ask even if they don't carry the same fare as years ago.

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            Yes, T of B still carries prepared and other items in their freezer. I just bought some pork pies, sausage rolls, white pudding, etc after our afternoon tea this weekend.