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Jan 22, 2012 06:39 AM

knife sharpening

any recommendations on where to get knives -- in particular, serrated bread knives -- sharpened?

the guy at the wychwood barns pretty much knocked all the serrations off my bread knife, and so i'm looking for someone who can repair the damage.

bike or TTC accessible ... thanks!

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  1. Unless you really love this particular bread knife,I would suggest buying a new one from a restaurant supply store.
    Putting the serrations back on the knife is going to take some time and skill=$$

    1. I agree with pet. Nikolaou is a great store on Queen. They can also tell you of a good sharpening service for the future.

      1. Check out this story from a couple days ago at the Toronto Star. I would definitely use this guy:

        But, he does have a minimum charge (mentioned in the article) as he travels around to your location.

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        1. re: Flexitarian

          Nice find Flex! It's worth a shot..

          1. re: Flexitarian

            I REALLY don't think someone with a prized knife would let a guy with a bench top grinder anywhere near his/her knife. Yikes !

            I know many/most restaurant have gone to "disposable" knives they simply rotate with a service, but there are many chefs, all (?) sushi chefs, and passionate home cooks who have cherished blades. Where do they get them sharpened (including serrated knives) ? ! ?

            PS I have asked a few of times while sitting at a good sushi bar, and got some very shifty noncommittal answers...

            1. re: PoppiYYZ

              I would be surprised if the chefs at sushi places didn't have a set of stones and took care of their knives themselves. If they don't, Tosho and Knife specialize in Japanese knives, but I'd be really really really surprised if a sushi chef wasn't sharpening his own knife.

              1. re: petek

                thanks for the leads! i will check these two out and see whether they'll deal with serrated bread knives. i am actually rather attached to this knife, as it's part of a matching set. i sharpen all the other ones myself with waterstones, but figured it'd be easier to let someone else deal with the serrated knife. i wish the guy at wychwood would've told me that he was just going to file the damn thing down rather than actually sharpen it properly!

                1. re: autopi

                  Be sure you have a look at the websites before you go, maybe call. A bread knife is pretty hard to sharpen especially a serrated knife, and from my look at both sites they specialize in Japanese knifes and you're not gonna see anything close to a 'bread' knife for sale. You will however find some knives that are crazy sharp and pretty much cut anything.

                  1. re: damonster

                    No serrated sharpening at Knife - I was there a couple weeks ago with a serrated bread knife trying to get it sharpened lol

              2. if the serrations are all gone then they need to be reground, that's basically only something a factory will do. Both of those stores are using whetstones to sharpen knives, which won't do what you're looking for.

                Unless I'm understanding wrong, because my impression is he turned your serrated knife into a flat regular knife.