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Gino's East or Lou Malnati's?

Looking forward to a deep dish pizza experience today. Last day in Chicago--which one would you go to? Thanks!

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  1. I look both but prefer Lou's

          1. I like Gino's ambiance more, but Lou's has that great butter crust. Although, sometimes that butter is too much of a good thing.

            I'd forego both and go to Giordano's instead, but if you're set on those two Lou's is probably your best bet. And make sure you get a pitcher of 312 beer to go with that pizza!

              1. I've got a fever. And the only cure.....is more Lou's.

                1. Gino's. The sausage patty (not crumble) is my favorite there.

                  1. I don't eat pizza. Don;t like it.... BUT I LOVE LOU'S! I actually go there on my birthday.. and I don;t even like pizza! It's just that gooood at Lou's! It is so good, it is hardly pizza. Just goodness.

                    1. I've seen the posts but I grew up in Chicago and Gino's will always be number 1 to me! I think it's tastier and their sausage is awesome! Sorry but I think lou's crust is to hard. But to each his own:)

                      1. Any more thoughts?

                        I'll be visiting Chicago for the first time and will be eating my way through your city over 5 days, with much to get through. Not sure if I'll have enough time for 2 different pizza spots - so which should I choose??

                        Gino's appears to have a fun vibe, but Lou's seems to get slightly better pizza reviews. Although I've yet to hear anything really bad about Gino's pizza - just maybe that it's not as good as Lou's. But still pretty good.

                        And now this Pequod's seems to look crazy tasty too!

                        Now I'm really confused. Thoughts?? Guidance? Help!!

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                          I think we are trying Pizano's, but Lou's is a close second. We might just pick up a frozen Lou's and take it home with us.

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                            I know you! You're in Chicago now?! How bout that.

                            So what should I do.

                            Also, a bit off topic, but which Pequod's loaction should I go to? Food quality is most important but atmpsohere and friendly service are VERY important too.

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                              Not in Chitown yet. On my way soon, though.

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                            Even if I remove my bias, if you skim over the other posts.. Lou's got more votes than Gino's.

                            Pequod's is great too. If for some reason you do go to Gino's, order a salad or appetizer (or pack a granola bar since you'll be waiting on the curb for some time before you get your table) because your pizza takes even longer than Lou's and Pequod's.--Regardless, enjoy and welcome to Chicago.

                            1. re: GraceW

                              Jeez, I might have to visit all 3. Le sigh.

                              But thank you :)

                              Any specific Lou's or Pequod's location? Atmopshere and service are important to me. I'll have a car so I can go anywhere.