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Jan 22, 2012 06:05 AM

Kigawa in the 14th

A friend of mine recommends a restaurant in the 14th called Kigawa (Japanese chef, French cuisine). I've looked at a couple of sites and the results seem positive. so far.

I'd love to have a few more opinions. Thanks.

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  1. really disappointing. heavy, repetitive saucing, uncomfortable,

    1. Kigawa isn't far from us and we ate there last year but didn't have the same experience as Chicagoparis. No repetitive heavy sauces. We had a nice evening, liked the food and thought the price was fair. Service was good. Can't imagine what was 'uncomfortable', the chair? It's a small restaurant but wasn't cramped and our chairs were comfortable.

      1. Actually if you want a bistro de quartier in that area, what about La Grande Ourse? It's a bit bigger, same type of husband/wife operation and popular with locals. The food is, I think, better than Kigawa.

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          La Grande Ourse. Excellent rec, Arago. I love this place! And the price/quality ratio is superb.