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Jan 22, 2012 05:39 AM

Enameled Cookware "Classic Gourmet By John Wright".. Reviews anyone?

I was looking for a good CI enameled standard sized sauce pan. I happened across a 2 pc set with matching covers on ebay. I did win the auction but I cannot find ANY info on them on the web. Has anyone used these pots? I was looking for reviews on them to see how they perform. They look fantastic. They are speckled like the old granite ware and are red with wooden handles, and they have the pour spout like LC. I just want to know if ya love em or hate em. LOL

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    1. Made where? I've had good luck with off-brand French and Italian-made enameled CI. Chinese? Not so much.

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        From what I have found it looks like the company is located in Wrightsville, PA... That doesn't mean it was made there though. The name JW is on many cast iron pieces from candy molds to coat hooks brackets. I am looking forward to them getting here so I can see how they feel. I know it was risky buying off ebay, But I didn't spend a mint. I'm just trying to get rid of my old teflon crap and love my seasoned cast iron and 1 pc of LC so much that it was worth the risk... I hope. :)

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          Since I found no reviews on this set. I decided after using them I would write (wright LOL) my own review. I have used the pots now for a couple weeks and I enjoy using them. They are extremely heavy for the size of them. They clean up great! I did notice that the enamel is a bit on the bumpy side. But I guess that happens with some brands. Overall I am very happy with them. I am glad to be rid of the teflon crap I had before. The enamel on the pans seems thicker than that on my LeCrueset, maybe that is why it seems "bumpy" to me. I am not a huge fan of red, but they really look nice on the stove. I just wish they were blue. LOL... So Overall, I am giving this set 4 stars. Function and style are perfect. I deducted the one star for the bumpy enamel. The handles and the spouts look a lot like LC. I hope they last my lifetime.

          1. re: gtogirl

            They should last you a lifetime and I am sure you will love them. I have had my set for over 20 years, and used every day. Cook better every time I use them. I also have le creuset. Different, but just as good.