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Jan 22, 2012 02:24 AM

SGV 101 Noodle Express vs OC 101 Noodle Express

Is the OC 101 Noodle Express as good as the SGV 101 Noodle Express? Specifically, I want to know if there's any difference between beef rolls, pumpkin shimp dumplings, cold noodles, shandong chicken, and dezhou chicken.

I noticed that the OC one only scored three stars on yelp while the SGV one scored 4 stars and I was curious if the difference in scores was a reflection of a difference in quality.

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  1. They claim to have a central kitchen for all of their locations, and certainly the beef roll even in the Fox Hills Culver City Mall is comparable to Alhambra. Not sure how much is done locally at each location.

    1. I've found the OC location at least as good as the SGV location for the beef roll and fish dumplings.

      1. Where's the 101 Noodle Express in San Gabriel Valley? Is this the one on Valley near Atltantic?

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          It's on Valley, but a couple miles east of Atlantic, near New. There's another SGV location in Arcadia (on Baldwin across from Din Tai Fung) which is actually a little bit better, in my experience.