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Jan 22, 2012 01:04 AM

Quimet i Quimet - Easter Monday Opening? Other Top Tapas Tips

Hi all,

Arriving in Barcelona early on Easter Monday for a few days eating. Having a look around the boards/online etc it seems that Q i Q is a must, however I was wondering whether it would be open Easter Monday, or for that matter if many places would be?

In addition am looking for some top tips for more traditional Catalan eating, be it tapas or more full meals, men del dias are good for me, happy to do eating at lunch, will be based in the Born area hopefully but happy to travel within the city. Any other gastronomic thoughts welcome too (particular areas for tapas/bars, markets etc).

Am travelling up to Girona for my hit of the stars and the new (is it stil new?) wave of Spanish cooking, but if something worth a double hit of this style of cooking then am all ears.

Will try and get posts up on feedback on my return


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  1. Stanley,

    Monday is often a slow day for restaurants, especially the upscale ones that are closed on Sun and Mon. You could always call Q i Q (or ask your hotel/apt manager to call).

    I don't think menus del dia are often discussed on CH but there is a list compiled by Barcelona locals and visitors on Tripadvisor. In particular, I would look into Pa i Trago for traditional Catalan. El Glop is also a good family-style place. It's open all day too. I enjoyed the secreto de iberico while my son hoarded his grilled rabbit. Avoid the pa amb tomaquet and if they bring it without your ordering it and it looks like a red, wet sponge, send it back because you'll get charged for it whether you eat or not, lol!

    Barcelona Tapas & Pintxos Map (popular places only

    1. Stanley I would advise taking a look at some of the vary many threads here about eating in Barcelona. I would also not worry too much about missing Q/Q. While the owner is a lovely person and the place reeks of atmosphere, it has gotten so much press in recent years that you might find it next to impossible to concentrate on the food while you are elbowing your way to the counter, or trying to snag a flat surface on which to prop your plate. If you do find it open, and you do decide to go, I would do my best to visit an an off hour, if at all possible, to avoid the crush of youthful English-speaking customers that predominated on my most recent (early-evening) visit last winter. And remember, you can replicate some of the tapas back home if you are one of those (I plead guilty) who tend to return home laden with can after can of the marvelous canned/jarred products that form the base of most of the Q/Q canapes.

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        Many thanks both

        I have indeed trawled through a fair number and specifically enjoyed both of your postings, a few of those mentioned in posts will make it on to my list, noted on QiQ, I guess the reason I know abot it is because of uk press, so guilty as charged. If any undiscovered gems out there then please let me know, I tend to be guilty of chasing the stars a little, hence my trip to Barca at all, for Celler Roca, but would love to eat with the locals if possible, and if they can understand my attempt at Spanish, or pointing.

        Keen to try Tickets or 41 if can get booking, but simple fare would be equally pleasing, alongside some good spanish wine ideally, any cava places of particular merit?

        1. re: stanleyk

          Just off Placa Sant Jaume is a restaurant called Allium that is my favorite for a menu del dia. They feature mostly local, in-season products plus amazing cured meats and cheeses from local/Catalan artisans, great bread from Baluard (the best bakery I know of in Barcelona) and even very good Catalan "craft beers" - and you should be able to get strawberries and morels at that time of year. You won't find a restaurant that is more passionate about their raw ingredients.
          The menu is largely traditional Catalan, sometimes with twists (like eggplant and crab canelons - they also make a great traditional meat canelon, though). Check out their facebook page to see pictures and menu del dia options. The address is Carrer del Call 17.
          (and Barça is really just the football team, not the city)

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            Re: El Celler de Can Roca, the next time I go, I'd like to have lunch first at the mother's place (Can Roca) and dinner at the sons' place (El Celler de ....). Talk about culinary evolution!

            Allium, mentioned by Caganer, is also fun for food souvenir shopping. I brought home a few boxes of the fruits soaked in brandy and covered in chocolate. They may also sell convent sweets, but I can't recall.

              1. re: SnackHappy

                Yes, I realized that this morning too. Thx for the clarification and links.

                1. re: Aleta

                  Thanks Caganer, Allium looks great, from what I could decipher on their website, translate in Google Chrome can only do so much! That is the kind of place I am looking forward to trying, especially like the talk of Catalan microbrews, apologies on the football/city mix up.

                  Any wine 'bars' of particular merit? I know very little on Spanish wine and would love to try some local wines if possible

                  Thanks again for all your help

                  1. re: stanleyk

                    Vila Viniteca, in el Born, is a wine and gourmet shop (in two storefronts on opposite sides of a pedestrian street) with a few cafe tables for tasting in the food shop side - I know they serve wine but don't know if they do "wine tastings." The wine shop has a nice selection of good Spanish wines and the staff is helpful (but only if you ask for help, no pushy salespeople).
                    If you're interested in the beers at Allium they've been featuring stuff from Cervesera Montseny - - no taps, just bottles. Very good beer and a change of pace from standard lagers like Estrella Damm or the much better Moritz.
                    No offense taken with the football/city thing - I just know that it annoys some people, especially non-Barça fans.