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Jan 21, 2012 09:13 PM

Best burger in Houston outside the to know...or good dives always interest me....

Langford didn't impress me much....I am off Eldridge and west little York area....really searching for the great diners,drive-INS and dives but haven't found anything to write home about.....checked out that ziggy and whoever deli near galleria but ....I'm sorry 18.00 for a rueben without even sides....was CRAZY to me and my budget.....newish to area ....need to get out more for lunch ....grateful for the suggestions....

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  1. Sam's Deli Diner - I10 at Kirkwood
    Ripp's - Kirkwood at Memorial
    Burger Guys - Westheimer between Kirkwood and Dairy Ashford

    (Guess where I live?)

    Pappy's & The Mason Jar - I10 west of Gessner

    There's bound to be something a lot closer to you tho'.

    Hounds? Help a brother out...

    P.S. Kenny & Ziggy's ain't cheap but they make their own corned beef and pastrami as well as many other delicacies.

    I love that place. For me, it's worth it.

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      Hey thanks doobiewah ..remembering reading about sams deli diner now that you mention it...but,forgot the name,lol,I hear onion rings are good their..and shakes ...definitely take my tween their;)..andnripps menu looks darn good..might have to try a dip their...but,as for making their own corn beef...that's easy ,just pickling liquid on brisket,but takes time and don't own a meat slicer..For me too expensive ,was kicking myself wishing I had gone to maggionis for lunch know a lot how about another place for good rueben ....but less money..practically neighbors...thanks so much

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        Pappy's & The Mason Jar - I10 EAST of Gessner.

        (Jeez, I do that ALL of the time!)

    2. I didn't care for Kenny and Ziggy's even if it were half the price or less. I had a wonderful hamburger at Pappy's on I-10 West. Just a plain ole burger, nothing special added. I also like Pappa Burgers and Beck's Prime. All three places have great fries too. All of those are on the west side but there may well be a Beck's Prime somewhere closer to you than the one I visit on Westheimer.

      Amended to add: I forgot about the Little Bitty Buger Barn on Pinemont which may be a little closer to you. They are very good.

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      1. re: texasredtop

        Pappys and pappas didn't realize their were 2 most defineatly will try ....the little bitty....saw that on diners drive-ins also and was shocked by how thin and tiny ....quite frankly reminded me of a fast-food chain ...not good...but,I probably should have ordered a triple or double ...not sure ...but will venture out to the other two ,however,I will try sams deli diner if they are open Sundays ...thanks so much any other suggestions on good affordable food ...willing to drive a bit for sure ...especially on Saturdays now that I am going back to work tomorrow;)

        1. re: Choptiludrop

          Sam's Deli is good too. Back when it was at the old location decades ago, my husband was part owner. We've been to the new location and it's good too.

          I haven't been to little bitty since I retired 4 years ago. I didn't realize it was on DDD. I liked it really well but I am not big on huge meat, I like the overall burger and prefer 1/4 or 1/3 pound on the meat. Pappas burger has really big tasty meat. It's very juicy. If there are any Kelley's Country Kitchens close to you - they make a really good burger.

      2. There's a place in Cypress called The Shack (formerly The Love Shack) that has been getting outstanding reviews from all over and is reportedly making fantastic burgers, although I haven't been yet. Here's one:

        Also, as far as I know, Guy Fieri has only been to Houston once and he did not visit Little Bitty Burger Barn. He did hit Lankford, which as you have discovered, is not great. But LBBB has not been on the show.

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        1. re: Lambowner

          I was thinking the same thing. I watch that show every night before I go to sleep so I've seen most of them and didn't remember seeing that. They had the one on last night where they visited Niko Niko :-)

          1. re: texasredtop

            I saw that again too. Seems like they love to rerun the Red Lion episode, but I hadn't seen Niko Niko's a second time. One of the publications here listed all the places he went to when he was here at least two years ago now. The OP likely saw last year's episode of Meat N Potatoes, which I missed.


          2. re: Lambowner

            Yep....niko nikos was on like 4 times over the weekend....again...with the pok pok and the other 2 named show in Portland....Thai food....anyways red lion...I tried the chicken tiki ....gosh to me it tastedmlike spicyish pumpkin I had a more sophisticated pallet...guess not..;) but the little bitty was on some other network with that Adam guy I believe...meat and taters not bad....I did however drive by the love shack place this past summer....betcha it is good....looks pretty neat and off the beaten path....thanks for the great ideas...looking forward...

          3. Choptiludrop, this place is no where near you, nor is it the best burger around, but The Spot in Galveston on The Seawall is a great place on a warm Spring or Fall day, a more than decent burger, plus great people watching if you secure a preferred outside table, expect a wait on weekends, a weekday is usually a safe bet.

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              Defineately gonna program in my phone and check it out thanks soooo much...