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Jan 21, 2012 08:39 PM

Key West

Superball Sunday parties? Fun bars for 40 somethings.

Favorite restaurant - high end mid end, low end all types of cooking - #1 is atmosphere.

Thanks for your thoughts.

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  1. Ricky's Blue Heaven for Bfst, Lunch & Dinner!

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    1. We loved Pisces and Black Fin Bistro for high to mid end.

      also if you are around check out Garbo's Grill for fish tacos/ burritos

      1. Sweet Tea's for one of their daily specials. El Siboney's for a skirt steak. Stop by Sandy's Cafe for a Cuban sandwich or breakfast and a cafe con leche....or if you're in the other end of town, stop by the Cuban Coffee Queen for the same as Sandy's. Bad Boy Buritto has some good eats also. I'm not sure what you're idea of good atmosphere is.....the suggestions were for some good eats....atmosphere is very subjective. Heck, a sausage sandwich with grilled onions and peppers from the cart outside The Bull can really hit the spot and seem like the perfect atmosphere after some adult beverages and a case of the munchies!!!