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Jan 21, 2012 07:53 PM

Any good traditional Italian in central Vancouver?

I've posted two other threads for recs on our pending weekend, this is the last one, I promise.

Again, we are staying in downtown, will have a car, but prefer not to use it if we needn't. Looking for some delicious, but mostly traditional Italian food...nothing too trendy or deconstructed. Medium price range $20-30 per entree. Good cannoli a major plus, but possibly just a fantasy as well! (I haven't had good cannoli since Boston!)

Thank you so much!

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  1. Adesso Bistro is in the west end - an easy walk from downtown (it's a block west of Denman and a block south of Robson). Comfortable room, consistently good food. No cannoli though (that I've seen there).

    1. If by central Vancouver you mean outside of downtown by inside city limits, there's also The Poor Italian:

      1. You might like La Quercia for the meal, La Ghianda for an afternoon cannoli, or Italia bakery for the cannoli.

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          Here is a shot of the cannoli at La Ghianda, by the way.

        2. I don't think Vancouver is particularly strong on Italian but I do like La Buca. It is one bus from downtown if you are near Burrard but I'd drive as it is close by car and there is tons of easy and free street parking.

          1. In downtown Vancouver, I like Il Giardino for more up-scale Italian, Lupo for amazing pastas, Cibo for a good seasonal menu (a bit trendy but only a touch).