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Jan 21, 2012 07:47 PM

Favorite Duck dish in central Vancouver?

Looking for anything to do with duck! Duck fat frites, duck confit, breast magret...what are your recs for a succulent duck dish in central Vancouver (downtown, Yale, Gastown, Granville Is).

Note: Doing dim sum elsewhere, so not looking for an Asian dish...

thank you!

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  1. Edible Canada on Granville Island has a duck confit hash for breakfast: shredded duck confit, sautéed wild mushrooms, potatoes, cheese curds, and a poached egg on top. Did I mention it is all cooked in duck fat? Delicious.

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      EC also had some fine duck fat fries as of last testing in the summer...

      1. re: grayelf

        They're still good and over the top with the bacon aioli that goes alongside!

        Two of the best duck confit dishes I've had in recent memory were at Yew at the Four Seasons and, somewhat surprisingly, at Shaughnessy Restaurant at Van Dusen Gardens. Unfortunately it looks like neither place has kept this item in recent menu changes but perhaps it will reappear on a future incarnation.

        Also would recommend the duck at La Brasserie on Denman.

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          La Brasserie is actually on Davie not Denman

    2. Well, we're doing a 7 course duck feast next weekend with some friends, but we're in the valley and not really close to downtown Vancouver.

      As for something a little more helpful :) you could try Cru ( They have crispy confit on their small plates menu and breast as a main on their Dine out Vancouver menu.

      Oh, and just as a side note, Downtown Vancouver where you are is not "central" vancouver, that would be approximately Arbutus or Granville and 41st. (ish


      Good luck on the duck though and let us know how all the food adventures go! Thanks!

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        I would have thought the geographic center of Vancouver would be somewhere near Main & 33rd ? Who knew ?!?

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          Actually it probably is if you don't count UBC and the endowment lands. I was just eyballing it though. :)

      2. Too bad about the non-Asian restriction. I can think of a number of good duck dishes at Chinese restaurants and BBQ shops. At western restaurants you seem to be limited to various uses for duck confit or a duck breast with some sort of sweet reduction.

        Aurora Bistro (long gone. Chef Jeff Van Geest) had a a number of interesting ducky things - duck bacon and poached eggs, duck confit club, sablefish and duck bacon hash, Cowichan duck two ways (confit leg, and roast breast with roasted fruits, mushrooms and nuts, etc). I can't think of anyone doing interesting things with duck any more.

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          Agree. Red Star Seafood Restaurant (Vanc, Richmond) does a standard Chinese bbq/roast duck really well, such that it's their signature, award-winning dish:

        2. I really enjoyed the duck breast at Chambar and a friend was just yesterday raving about the duck at Pied-à-Terre she had over the weekend.

          1. If you're visiting Granville Island - stop by Oyama for their delicious melt-in-your-mouth duck prosciutto.