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Jan 21, 2012 07:02 PM

Lisbon, Cascais and Porto trip in June

Hello everyone!

My boyfriend and I are traveling to Portugal for the first time in June and visiting Lisbon (7 days), Cascais (2 days) and Porto (5 days). I was hoping I could get some suggestions for restaurants in those places!

Thanks for your help!!

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  1. Suggest you start with a search of this board: the search box is in teh top right corner of the screen... All 3 towns have been well covered recently.

    1. In Lisbon

      For fish Mercado do Peixe (expensive)

      For the view Faz Figura, Panorama (expensive) and Eleven (very expensive)

      For Alentejo food Galito

      For Minho food Solar dos Presuntos

      For good food Assinatura (the best in town)

      For seafood Ramiro

      For steak Café S. Bento


      For fish and seafood Porto de Santa Maria (expensive) and Monte Mar

      For modern food Fortaleza do Guincho (expensive but very good) and Vin Rouge

      In Sintra G-Spot very good with a good price


      My tops

      For modern Pedro Lemos (the best) Yetman (expensive)

      For the view Shis

      For fish All in Matosinhos and Leça

      For traditional Casa Aleixo, Paparico, D Tonho

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