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Jan 21, 2012 06:44 PM

can't find restaurant name on Food Network [Broken Record]

Just saw Diners, DriveIns and Dives and didn't catch the restaurant name and am having a hard time at the Food Network site to find the episode with the information. Anyhow, it's a whiskey bar in the Mission District that serves great food .... prawn po-boy with crab mayo and avocado, oxtail stew over creamy polenta. Can anyone help me? Will be in SF this spring and want to go!!

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      1. re: michelle54

        It's in the Excelsior, which is a couple miles south of the Mission.

        1. re: Atomica

          Yeah, it's way the hell out there, at the far south end of the Excelsior, on the Crocker-Amazon border. Weird location.

          1. re: Robert Lauriston

            I don't know what's particularly weird about it. And it doesn't hamper their ability to attract lots of customers.

            1. re: Atomica

              Yeah, the same was true for Mom Is Cooking, which was at the same address and was the only other place in that neighborhood I recall ever hearing about.

    1. It's really just a bar with pretty good food beyond the normal pub fare cranked up, pool table in front lots of people hanging and drinking plus food in the back with a few tables. I'd say to definitely stop by if your are close don't know that I'd consider it a destination place, crowd is 20s & 30s.

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      1. re: Baripup

        I'd say it is worth a visit from across town. Just be sure to go on a week night to avoid the huge lines!