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Jan 21, 2012 06:40 PM

"lunch" in Prato and Sansepulcro

I'll be in Italy again soon. You folks at Chowhound have never lead me astray. I don't think I need to ask about Venice, Florence, and Rome -- y'all post a lot about these cities, and I've done my homework. Yet places off the proverbial "beaten path" are less well posted. So I'll need y'all's help.

I'll be having dinner ("lunch" to you Yankees) on day trips to Prato and Sansepulcro. I've noted Fred Plotkin's recommendation for Sansepulcro, yet I don't think that restaurant will be open on the day I'll be there. Any other suggestions?

Fred Plotkin has no recommendations at all for Prato. So I'm either at the mercy of the Michelin Red Guide or y'all at Chowhound.

Thanks beforehand. I'll try to get a request out for suggestions in Bologna shortly.

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  1. Sid: Wish I had answers for you here, but in any case, would you consider a brief report or a few comments about your recent eating experiences in Puglia? Thanks!!

    1. one of the dishes prato is famous for is their sedano rifatto. boiled celery cooked with a ragu. it is an old recipe which is lovely and hard to find outside a home kitchen.

      it is a "slow food" dish-- here is a list of other things to look for!