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Jan 21, 2012 06:10 PM

Senior discounts

Applebees offers a 10% senior discount, to be used any time. IHOP offers a senior discount on certain nights. The definition of senior varies depending on the restaurant, but seems to be around 55 years. What other senior discounts do Chowhounds enjoy?

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  1. Chain: Fatburger
    Non-chain: Bea's Bakery

    1. pretty sure Denny's has an over 55's discount. Sigh 2 more months for me to qualify for these!!!

      1. Dunkin Donuts offers a 10% discount. I believe the age requirement is 60 (maybe 55?).

        I used to not like it when they gave it to me automatically (without me asking) but I've grown used to it;)

        1. I was given a senior discount at the local Arnold bakery outlet (which is a chain so this is not off-topic) the other day. I did not ask for it and am a few years short of the required age (60). I wasn't sure whether to be happy or upset.

          Not sure if she gave it to me because of my grey beard or because I complain :-).

          The discount is 10% on Wednesdays.

          1. The Associated supermarket on Myrtle Street in Brooklyn gives a 10% discount to seniors on Wednesdays. I don't know if this is a policy for the whole Associated chain.