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Jan 21, 2012 06:07 PM

Applebees garlic mashed potatoes

Every once in awhile, your expectations are blown away at a chain restaurant. With friends that are Applebee fans, I had a choice of garlic mashed potatoes or coleslaw. I asked the waiter, "how is your coleslaw?". He said "good!". I then asked him "how are your garlic mashed potatoes?". He said "excellent!". I order the potatoes. They were the best part of the meal - wonderful flavor with small bits of skin, so they were not from dehydrated potatoes. Turns out, a web search shows that many people have tried to replicate the Applebee garlic mashed potatoes. I'll definitely order these potatoes every time I go to Applebees.

Any other gems in the Applebee menu?

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