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Jan 21, 2012 05:24 PM

Lemon Curd with Bottled Juice?

I have craving for smooth, dreamy, delicious lemon curd, but only one lonely lemon. Would it be possible to use bottled reconstituted lemon juice as well? I know there are other things added to it, so I'm wondering if those would interfere with the whole thickening magic; has anyone tried this with success?
As a side note, what should I do with two egg whites?

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  1. Why don't you do it, then tell us about it? I've never made lemon curd with anything but fresh lemon juice, and probably most people will say the same.

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    1. re: Jay F

      I say the same; I only use bottled lemon juice when canning or preserving. But I guess if you've got the craving and have at least one lemon, go for it. I'd definitely add the zest, for more fresh lemon zip. You can strain the zest out if you want a smooth texture.

      As for the egg whites, an omelet in the a.m. or freeze them, if you make genoise or angel food; otherwise, down the drain.

    2. It's possible, but not a good idea.

      The floral/fruity flavor notes in citrus juice have a very short half life - a noticeable decline even within a day of juicing. Pasteurization introduces another level of degradation of flavor.

      By contrast, the acidity of citrus juice has a long half life.

      So, for recipes where citrus juices are being used for their acidity rather than their flavor, bottled juices is OK. I would not classify lemon curd in that category.

      1. It won't interfere with the thickening. It will just make the purists cry. You will make them feel better if you swear you could taste the far inferior taste from not using the fresh lemon juice.

        Oh and add the egg whites to the scrambled eggs tomorrow.

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        1. re: Hank Hanover

          America's Test Kitchen did a taste test of lemon curd a few seasons back with several bottled lemon juices vs. the real thing. The real lemons came in last. If I remember correctly, the organic lemon juice brand they used was last place of the bottled.

          1. re: BrianJC

            Lemon Filling
            Juice and zest of 1 lemon
            3/4 cup regular sugar
            2 tablespoons cornstarch
            1/8 tespoon salt
            3/4 cup cold water
            2 slightly beaten egg yolks
            1 tablespoon butter
            Mix sugar,salt, and cornstarch. Whisk in water. Add lemon juice (about 3 tablespoons). Add eggs. Cook on med heat. Bring to slow boil and cook 1 minute more stirring constantly. Remove from heat. Stir in 1 tablespoon butter or margarine. Strain and cool. If you have no fresh lemon, use 3 tablespoons of bottled lemon Juice and no zest.

        2. I've found that the frozen Minute Maid lemon juice that comes in a yellow bottle packaged in boxes ( makes a better curd than any bottle lemon juice on the market. It's usually located near the frozen lemonade and orange juice concentrate in the supermarket, but sometimes they'll shuttle it around to where the frozen fruit is.

          1. You can absolutely use bottled lemon juice. And it will be fine.