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Jan 21, 2012 04:57 PM

What food magazine do you recommend?

I loved Gourmet magazine. I was really, really sad to see it go. I accepted the offer to switch to Bon Appetit, but I will not be renewing it when my subscription runs out. It was OK, but I think it has become an even more poor substitute for Gourmet with the new editor-in-chief. Does anyone recommend Saveur? Food & Wine? Any other mag?

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  1. I like and subscribe to Saveur. I also really like Fine Cooking. On the other end of the spectrum, Food Network magazine has had some fun reading issues. I don't cook like Fine Cooking every night. Lucky Peach is my new favorite food magazine - check it out if you haven't already. Re: Bon Appetit - it's not Gourmet, but I've thought the last two or three have been much better. But, I just confessed to liking Food Network magazine, so take all my recs with a grain of salt...

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      Yep. The excitement at the moment does belong to Lucky Peach. Although I simultaneously love and loathe Saveur, which must mean something.

      1. re: condiment

        I'm pretty much right there with you. Lucky Peach is quite fun. Longtime subscriber to Fine Cooking and Saveur. Have a hard time reading Saveur without seeing Oseland's appearances as the uber-douche on Top Chef in my head. Have long ago dropped F&W and Bon Appetit as too style/hausfrau/advert oriented. Don't really need the monthly rundown of music to cook by, the latest $200 knick knack or serving platter, or sponsor-paid placement (probably everywhere but most blatant in those two).

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          Oseland is kind of interesting. If you were to judge him solely by his TV appearances or even by much of his magazine writing, you wouldn't let him within a mile of your kitchen. Yet his Southeast Asian cookbook is breathtakingly good: novel, well-researched, and the recipes all work. A conundrum. In Saveur, you have to take your Jekyll with a bit of Hyde.

    2. I've been enjoying Food & Wine magazine for a number of years now. When Gourmet met its sad demise, F&W became my sole subscription. We are wine lovers and always enjoy the wine-related news/articles. Generally speaking I've found the recipes to be reliable and, to produce good, if not great results. Of course we appreciate the wine recommendations that accompany the recipes.

      I have yet to find a magazine to replace the Gourmet of old though. Up to its later years, Gourmet always struck me as a magazine that took food seriously. In the latter years it seemed that advertising and more gimmicky articles outweighed the quality we'd all come to love. Sadly, I wasn't that surprised when Gourmet met its end, it did seem to be suffering from a bit of an identity crisis in the end.

      I love to cook so I do love Donna Hay's magazine (out of Australia). It doesn't have the travel stories that Gourmet used to or, the features on specific ingredients or cooking trends but, the recipes rarely disappoint. BBC Food is another that I pick up on a fairly regular basis at the news stand.

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        I wanted to report back on an exciting magazine I picked up yesterday called Fire & Knives. It's a collection of really well-written, engaging pieces about all things food. No advertising either! It's a UK publication and the issue I picked up is No. 9. I'm hoping to get my hands on some back issues. I understand that one issue contains a cookbook review by Elizabeth David that hadn't been published previously.

      2. Any of the Edible Publications. The articles, photography and writing is superb, issue after issue and they are FREE.

        I keep every issue of Edible Jersey
        and have learned more about my state than any other community paper. Most underrated publication out there (imho).

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          How do you get them free? It looks like most of them are $30-35/year.

          1. re: CindyJ

            hi CindyJ, at the local level. In NJ, I find Edible Jersey at Whole Foods, green grocers and markets. Visit your local Edible publication page and ask them where they deliver to.

            Random example of what I mean. You need their "where to find us" page within the specific Edible Publication (area) you are looking for to see where they distribute the magazine.

            1. re: HillJ

              Ohhhh... I see. I thought those were locations where the magazine was for sale. Looks like my area (Philly) is soon-to-be-published.

              1. re: CindyJ

                There ya go! Philly is going to be a fantastic edition. You would only subscribe if you wanted the publication mailed to your address. Also, sign up for the Edible newsletter, lots of inbetween issue info, that is also worth reading. Plus they really cover food events and food fests beautifully. Edible Brooklyn is another wonderful edition.


                1. re: HillJ

                  I was just looking through the Manhattan newsletter and signed my daughter up for their email. There's an advertised event happening right at one of her favorite neighborhood watering holes.

                  1. re: CindyJ

                    Very cool. Yeah, it's a wonderful family of publications. I'm a real fan.

        2. My current subs in order of preference are Fine Cooking, Saveur, Cooking Wild and Louisiana Cookin' and Bon Appetit.

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            Louisiana Cookin'....That is now on my birthday wishlist. Thanks!!

          2. Cooking Light. I just buy it at the supermarket when something in it grabs my attention. In the current issue it was Double Plum Baked Chicken. It was wonderful!

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              I love Cooking Light! I'm sure it's amateur for some people on this board, but for me, it's the right level of complexity in my everyday meals. I've made some really delicious recipes out of there. It's definitely not diet food, in any sense...not quite light enough to help you lose serious weight (well, maybe if you follow their portions very strictly), but healthy.