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Jan 21, 2012 04:37 PM

Where to eat with one foodie and one vegetarian in Nova/DC

BUT HERE's THE CATCH...we are meeting on Tuesday night, also State of thenUnion, so,don't want to be driving through or dining in downtown DC. Looking for somewhere on Orange line, maybe Arlingron area? Not a chain please! Interesting ethnic cuisine okay, but must have vegetarian options.

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  1. what about Rustico in Ballston?

    1. In Arlington, Me Jana for Lebanese cuisine is probably the best Orange Line restaurant for a vegetarian. The best Lebanese food right now in the DC area.

      1. I'll put out the suggestion for Nam Viet at Clarendon. Have had the same experience and they fit the bill.

        1. All the above suggestions are good. I would add Screwtop Wine Bar, although for some reason I can't pull up the menu to see how many vegetarian options they have. Liberty Tavern has a few vegetarian options, but not tons, but it is always very solid. Minh's is also an option.

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            We recently had an amazing experience at Liberty Tavern- it was during restaurant week and they had the whole menu available. I think they may have extended RW, so it might still be going on. My husband had the gnocchi as his entree and it was amazing, and IIRC, I think it was vegetarian. I had a burrata app that was also excellent, and vegetarian. So my vote on this is for Liberty Tavern, I think it'd be perfect.

          2. How about Jaleo? There is one in Crystal City.