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Jan 21, 2012 04:23 PM

Winsor Dim Sum Chinatown Sunday: Decided We must try for the first time from the western 'Burbs

Greetings All!

Well aware that this is a topic that has been discussed many times over on this board, but looking for the latest and greatest on the Dim Sum scene in Chinatown for a Sunday venture.

Winsor seems to be a favorite, despite being too crowded (Yogi's thoughts).
Still the case?

Chau Chow, Hei La Moon, China Pearl also mentioned; worthy of a visit, or should we stick with Winsor?

Sort of a newbie to the Dim Sum scene. Tried Oriental Pearl in Framingham several times, but only OK. Also visited Green Tea 2 (also in Framingham several years ago), and it seemed a notch above Oriental Pearl.

Sichuan Gourmet in Framingham is one of our all time go to places, but don't think they do Dim Sum.

Thanks, and hope we don't battle any Chowhounders over a parking place in Chinatown on Sunday morning!


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  1. I love Winsor but I've gone to China Pearl the last few times. I think they've upped their game...had a scallop steamed on the shell with roe/ garlic/vermicelli..a dish that BarleyWine "discovered" at Peach Farm..and is great as well as some new dumplings. Think they validate parking. They are on second floor. Don't let them push you into the 3rd Fl..ghost town.

    People on the board are still raving about HLM; and I was a big fan. Just haven't been in a while. I think they validate parking too.

    Haven't been to Chau Chau City for a while so can't comment on the food. If you go there, you want to sit on the 3rd floor. Worth waiting for..vs 1 or 2.

    To avoid waiting, I try to get there by 11AM..11:30 at the latest but you're likely to encounter a line at Winsor by 11:30.


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      In December the garage on beech street (which many restaurants use to offer discounted parking) was closed - you may want to check if it has since reopened.


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        maybe it was an off day but a group of us recently had dim sum at china pearl and were disappointed. a nice selection but most of the food was cold. the only good dishes were the beef tripe in brown sauce (from the steam table), stewed pigs feet with black vinegar, and chinese broccoli with oyster sauce

        1. re: 9lives

          You know, Allstonian and I were just saying to some folks this afternoon that our most recent trip to China Pearl felt like they were back on the ball after a really poor stretch: everything was hot, fresh and tasty. Although I've never had any trouble getting good carts on the third floor either.

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            I don't even know if CCC is popular enough to expand dim sum to the 2nd and 1st floors anymore. The past times I've been, it has only been on the 3rd floor.

            I'd recommend HLM for dim sum with carts - either floor is fine. And they do validate parking - it ends up costing 6 dollars with the validation. However, i often am able to find metered spots nearby too.

            Dave MP

            1. re: 9lives

              People have been putting Chau Chow City down for a while but I went on New Years day and found it to be pretty good. Not as busy as the old days and not as many offerings, but still good and with enough variety to keep ten of us happy.

              1. re: galangatron

                + 1 for Windsor- Took a group of six there in December and was really impressed. I travel to China maybe six times per year, and this dim sum was up there.....and the service was SO NICE too!!

              2. If you care most about the quality of food, Winsor is the clear choice. And since they serve till 9:30 or so every night, you can go when there's no traffic and it's easy to park. Once you've exhausted their menu, I would suggest Great Taste which serves till 4PM every day and has some unusual items like a deep fried version of turnip cake.