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Cheese pairings with Moscato?

Hello everybody -

I've got a Moscato from California in my wine rack (St. Supéry Moscato 2009) and I wanted to drink it with some friends and a bit of cheese...the question is, which cheese? My first thought was something like mascarpone, but I'd like some other ideas! Thanks in advance.

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  1. Not mascarpone. A mild, creamy bleu cheese would be good. Also, a mild brie or aged soft goat cheese (like Boucheron).

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      Bleu would be my choice, as well.



    2. I was writing a very similar reply to Brad but he got to it before I did. +1

        1. I agree that mascarpone would not be appropriate but I also think that most blue cheeses would not work either, I'm thnking of something like Gjetost, Havarti, Gruyere or Cheddar, You need a hard cheese for texture and something to complement the sweet moscato. Blue cheese sounds like a good complement but I think in actuality it would be quite an unpleasant tasting combination.

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            try it -- bleu cheese with sweet white wine is food of the gods.

          2. I wouldn't do macarpone UNLESS... I had Mozzarella Co's Mascarpone Torta with Praline! Oooh Baby!!!

            Otherwise, if you want to match terroir, we like St. Sup's Moscato very much with Point Reyes Blue.

            1. Just saw Giada do a fun little appetizer on her Food Network Show. Grapes rolled in walnuts and blue cheese. I'm sure the recipe is on the website. That sounds like it could work.

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                That goes back to Martha Stewart in the 80"s.

              2. Just picked up a perfect Red Hawk at Cowgirl Creamery at the Ferry building, would also be great.

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                  Stop, DCM! you're making me both hungry and jealous!

                2. I was told by a cheese monger that a wine should be paired with a cheese from the same region where the wine was made. I suggest looking into finding a cheese that was produced relatively close to the winery and see what turns up.

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                    or from a similar climate, if you can't find something from the same region....