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Jan 21, 2012 02:29 PM

Restaurants/Grocers in the Woodlands


I am coming to Houston from Montreal and would like to know of some good restaurants in the Woodlands area (dinner only). I will be there for quite a few weeks, so I will need a bit of variety :) Furthermore, I will be preparing lunches at "home", so if anyone can tell me where I should buy groceries/produce, it would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. First off, I'm sorry to hear that you'll be staying in The Woodlands. That place is Disney Land for grown ups. I'm going to speculate here and say that the reason no one has replied thus far is because a) The Woodlands is not Houston and b) people who actually live in Houston generally dislike The Woodlands. Some, like myself, are rabidly opposed to said "community."

    But, to answer your question. HEB and Hubble and Hudson would be my top picks for groceries in The Woodlands; H and H is amazing, but very pricey... think Whole Foods if there was a Whole Foods for people who are even richer.

    Restuarants: I think that most of the best restaurants in The Woodlands are concentrated in an area called Market Square. Jasper's is one that comes to mind. There's also a wine bar/restaurant in Market Square which is also good. I'm sorry, I think my hatred for The Woodlands is forcing a mental blank.

    If you want to come into the city, and you need suggestions, just let me know. I LOVE HOUSTON and am always glad to help visitors so as to ensure that they get the best impression of my city as possible.

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      Thanks for the reply. I am not staying in the Woodlands by choice (my husband will be there for work). I haven't had the chance to research the area yet but thanks for the warning :) I will check out the restaurants/grocers you mentioned. It's a great start. We will be spending any free weekends we have in the city, which I am really looking forward to. Any suggestions on what to eat, see or do is very appreciated.

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        The Woodlands is out of my area too, but go to this restaurant website which is local to the Houston area:

        In the upper left corner click "area of town" and select "The Woodlands." This site will then show you every single restaurant in that area, with reviews by regular folks. Hopefully you can peruse and map your selections while you are here or before you come. Enjoy our fair city and environs. And I say "fair" because it is Jan/Feb. In July/Aug, I'm not so fond of the climate!

        If you will be there for "quite a few weeks," and you have transportation, you will learn your way around The Woodlands and locate your favorite places in short order. It's not huge, and is mostly residential with commercial ventures clustered together for easy shopping and dining.

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          Thanks for the reply. The website you listed is a great resource and I will definitely use it. Jan/Feb seems like a nice time to visit -- not too warm and it beats being in the snow! We do indeed have transportation, so like you said I am sure we will learn our way around :) Thanks!

    2. Olg,

      There are some good restaurants in The Woodlands, you just have to hunt for them. Do you mind if I ask where you are staying? If you are in a hotel, like the Woodlands Waterway Marriott, it's a slightly different situation than if you are staying someplace like a corporate apartment. Don't let the traffic scare you off from exploring. It's a pretty straight shot down Interstate 45 to Houston proper, and we tend to not think twice about driving a ways to get to whatever. You should have ample time to enjoy what the Houston metro has to offer. If you are just going to be hanging out while your husband works, we also have lovely art museums, etc to occupy your time when you tire of shopping :-)

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        Thanks for the response. We will be staying at the Residence Inn Lakefront Circle. We are used to traffic so that won't be a problem. I enjoy musems so I will look into that as well, thanks :)

      2. I don't live in the area but have been up there a few times to stay at the Woodlands Resort and one of our favorite restaurants is up there.

        Capri Pasta Pizza & More Last time we were there, Dec., they recommended making reservations. BYO wine

        Taqueria Arandas #36 for Mexican food though I haven't been to that location. Very casual.

        Crust Pizza which I've been to and liked very much

        Grimaldi's Pizza I have't been but it's on our list and many like it.

        Beck's Prime I've only had their burgers

        All are good to very good. I wouldn't call any of them food porn except for Capri
        Spec's (Wine & Liquor) there are 2 that are closer to where you will be staying; Woodlands & Woodlands South. They will have better prices and a selection

        There are several grocery stores in the area. I prefer the H.E.B. but it's in the Market Street Area where parking can be difficult. There are also Randall's and a Kroger in the area and these 3 encompass our 3 major grocery store chains in the greater Houston area.

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          tlegray, thank you very much for all these suggestions :)

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            Just checked b4-u-eat and that Taqueria Arandas isnt getting good reviews so forget I mentioned it. Enjoy your stay and don't forget to report back

        2. I have only been to the Woodlands two or three times, but the two times I have eaten dinner in that area my husband and I went to Pallotta's Italian Grill. It is located right of off Interstate 45 North across the freeway from the Woodlands Mall. The food is very basic, but very good, Italian. It gets very good reviews on as well.

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